Lights Randomly Turn On

I believe that SmartThings’ Hue integration is very poor quality. That’s why I don’t connect my Hue’s to ST. I’m quite happy with Echo and IFTTT controlling my Hue’s. It works every time.

Add me to the list.

Nothing quite like being woken up at 1:21am on Saturday morning because your entryway light decided to turn itself on.

After getting the LAN hub issues fixed, my timed events seem to be working again, but I am still having problems with two of my Philips Hue bulbs randomly turning on for no reason (one a Hue Lightstrip plus that has no “on” triggers associated with it). The activity isn’t consistently being logged either. Anyone figure out the issue?

I’m having the same kind of issue with lightify zigbee bulbs. They work properly on the lightify hub none have turned on in 3+ days. But if bulbs are on the smartthings v2 random turn ons every couple of hours.

All of the bulbs are on the current firmware.

Nothing else in my system is randomly turning on including Lifx bulbs and zigbee outlets.

Ide live logs just show them switching on.

Still researching.

Once the night before last and THREE TIMES last night, the bedroom lamps turned on for no apparent reason, and the house disarmed.

I’ve had plenty of scheduled or triggered things NOT happen when they should, but this is a first for random events not tied to any schedule or trigger!

(There’s a support ticket open but I imagine I’m not alone and they are very busy.)

Hi all, I have several dimmer switches (GE & Evolve) throughout the house and I too have lights randomly turning on. When I check the logs it’s never triggered by a rule, app or routine. I finally reached out to ST support and waiting to hear back from them.

I like to automate my garage doors but this particular issue has me worried and the last thing I want is for my garage door to randomly open while we’re away or sleeping at night.

I think it’s safe to rule out a particular brand in my case since it’s happened to both of them. Is is possible that some external interference or noise is causing these switches to randomly turn on?

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Not impossible, but not likely – – especially since several other community members have reported seeing the same thing just in the last two weeks. Definitely report it to support, but I think it’s going to turn out to be platform “hiccups.”

Last night (4am ish) at 2 different times and 2 different dimmer switches (Linear) I had lights turn on at 99% for no reason.

Has this been happening or happen to anyone else lately?

Actually I haven’t had this happen In a while until last night. Lights came on once at 100% at about the same time

Smart things when are you going to fix this!!!

I’ve had it happen twice in the last week after moving a couple things from RM to not so smart “Smart Lighting”. :-1:

Opened a ticket with support, they are looking at the IDE. Will keep you posted if anything of value is found.

add another. My Kitchen lights and Breakfast Nook lights have turned on twice tonight, both at the same time.

This happens to me all the time I’m getting tired of it ,I’m about to just unplug my ST hub. Lights come on when my at work and at night.

Noticed this happening all day today, on and off. Window sensor kept toggling too, made me think someone broke into the house (but I have a camera pointing at that window, so could confirm it was a false positive). Additionally, many of my lighting automations didn’t work.

has been happening on and off past few days as well

This is now happening to me. My lights (GE and Hue Bulbs>Hue Bridge>STv2) randomly turn on throughout the day with no noticeable pattern or sense at all.

Did support every help you guys or did you end up making good on your plans to leave ST?

Glad it isn’t just me. I have 4 different lights ( actually 3 GE bulbs and 1 GE zw plugin module ) that have been turning themselves on randomly for the past 2-3 days. The one I noticed the most was on the front porch, It is NOT turning on at night when it is supposed to, but is turning on randomly during the day, I notice it is on and shut it off through the app and 2 minutes later is it on again. I can see looking at recent activity that it has been on and getting turned off by " if lux is >2000 " every time my Bloomsky updates. No clue what is turning it on though.

I have had several bulbs turn on and off randomly and even sit and flicker on and off. It was so bad I just put regular bulbs in the sockets. Now I have a box of 4 lux bulbs that have been problems.

This is mow happening to me and my wife too. The light in our 5 month old room turns on to 100% at 4 in the morning. I never have this light to 100%. Smartthings, this is fucking ridiculous. You’re scaring my wife and my 5 month old son. I’m taking our your shitty hub and moving to something else. Very dissapointing!

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Light turning on at 100% is " usually" caused by a power issue. I doubt if you were asleep you would even notice the power flickering, but the bulb will.

Sine this thread is active again, I found the issue with the porch light was related to the sunset/sunrise issue. The on with motion that is only supposed to be active at night was actually running during the day instead. So motion was turning it on, then the light sensor would turn it off, 1 minute later motion would reset and turn it back on, light sensor shut it off. Lather rinse repeat all day long.
Once I contacted support they were able to fix the sunset/sunrise timer.