Leviton switch fine in Classic app, can't connect in new app

Per title. Its shows up fine in the classic app and works thru the app or Alexa, but says disconnected in the new app. Don’t really want to remove and re-add it but can’t think of any other way to try to get this resolved. This, plus the fact that the device handlers in the new app don’t have nearly the functionality of the old ones, leaves me with little to no desire to actually switch. Has anyone found any reason to stop using the old in favor of the new? (also, going back to the original issue, any ideas on how to resolve the problem in the new app?)

Have you read this thread…

read it when it first started up, haven’t checked it out lately. sounds like more of what i said …

if you’re using a custom device handler, the new app won’t support it yet.

Nothing custom here. I’m too lazy. :smiley:

well, stick to the classic app and let them work the bugs out of the new app in the mean time.

Of course, I just want to be ready when one day the classic stops working, w/no warning. :yum:

Definitely email support and let them know.

That’s not going to happen. Everyone is going to be migrated to the new app because they have to migrate all the SmartThings accounts over to Samsung accounts. Trust me, it will be all over the forum when it starts. You won’t miss it. Plus, if you wait like you’re supposed to, you won’t have to move anything from one to the other. They’ll do it for you.

The thing is, they did migrate all my devices, but the migration failed … one device is borked in the new app. I was just curious if anyone else had issues.

When did they do that? You got migrated to a Samsung Account? If that broke something you should definitely contact support. Also, if the migrated you, how are you still using the classic app?
When you got migrated, how were you contacted. No one else has been migrated yet. The new app doesn’t support custom DTH yet.

If by migrated you mean that my devices all suddenly showed up in the new app, w/out me doing anything, then yes I got migrated a couple of weeks ago. If you mean something else (like I can’t use the old app any more), no, that didn’t happen. The old app still works for me … better than the new one, since the new one is having issues w/my Leviton switch.

No, that’s not what I mean. You shouldn’t be using the new app until your account has been migrated by SmartThings. There are several threads out there about the new app and who should use it but in general, it’s a very small subset of users, mostly those part of the beta launch, that should be using the new app. Everyone else needs to wait. That’s why your switches won’t work in the new app.

If you setup your hub after May 5, 2017 then there is no migration needed.

Not true. I set up mine in June of last year and nothing shows up in the new app. Plus, I am on a SmartThings account still, not a Samsung account. So, I don’t know where you got that info but I don’t think that’s right for everyone.

Interesting. The migration beta gave that date.

Those are people who should sign up for the Beta trial. Those that will get migrated first. Not those that don’t need to be migrated.

It lists that date under “who should sign up for this beta”. :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s dependent on an app update that occurred in May 2017. So depends when you updated/installed the app.

The post from Brad corresponds with the post from Tim in the Account Migration Beta:

Release 2.3.5 was released on May 4, 2017.

The post from the Account Migration Beta states to participate:

So with both of those posts from both ST staff members, those who created their account on or after 5/4/2017 would have a Samsung account. Yes, it was implied that this date differentiated SmartThings from Samsung accounts.

Is it possible that some people slipped through the cracks and created an ST account after that, absolutely. I know that up until a couple months ago, there was a backdoor url that would still allow you to create an ST account.

So let’s go with, the majority of people who created their accounts on or after May 4th, 2017 more than likely have a Samsung account depending on when they registered and tied in with the 2.3.5 release of the application.

When you login, if you are automatically directed to the page to enter your password and there is the Samsung logo, then you have a Samsung account.

Time to let it rest now :slight_smile:

The whole thing with accounts and the new app / current app has created enough chaos for a while.


I just started using ST this past December and I’ve always used my Samsung Account (which I already had) to log into the (now) classic ST app. I’m in no hurry to start using the new app since the old one works just fine, but it’s concerning to me that the Leviton switch is messed up in the new app. Hopefully this gets resolved before they start pushing people to move over.