Issues with New Smartthings Connect App

I just got migrated to the new SmartThings Connect app on my Galaxy S9 (Verizon), and saw some odd issues, figured I would poll the community to see if anyone else has these problem. Note there is another thread about differences between Classic and new Connect app, however much of it ended up discussing the good/bad and complaints about account migration, etc. For this this thread, please try to keep it clean, and limited to discussion of differences and, if applicable, pointing users to where old functions now lie:

  • I have three lights on the same Leviton plug in ZigBee dimmer. All three now show up as separate devices. One just shows up as a generic device, cannot turn it on or off or dim, and on the main screen, actually shows as “connecting.” The second shows up as some weird, non-light switch, but has dimmer and on/off functionality. The third shows up normally, as a light with dimming capability. Note that an iOS device with the old “SmartThings Classic” app shows all three normally, and checking IDE shows all three normal as well.

  • When I opened the new app for the first time, it appears to have created a new location, also named Home. I can see this new location in the Classic app and in the IDE, but not on the new Connect app. IDE would not allow me to delete this location, so I renamed it “Home (unusued)”, hopefully this does not cause any problems.

  • Smart Home Monitor appears to have disappeared on this new app. Accordingly, I don’t see my phone as a presence sensor anymore

  • There is no where in the new app to see device history (e.g. the history of temperature from my sensors, the history of motion, etc).

  • There is no ability to remove devices. I wanted to see if removing then adding the two devices that are showing up incorrectly would fix the issue, but there is no feature in the app to remove the devices

Note: I already had a Samsung Account and used that to do my initial setup on SmartThings.

When did you get migrated to the new connect app? You were notified by SmartThings that you were migrated? Also, if you were migrated, everything should have looked the same. If not, then you really weren’t migrated were you? I would contact support.

The title of your topic: "Issues with New Smartthings Connect App"

Yet your summary says to use as discussion of differences.

The other topic is there for a reason. It’s to discuss differences, issues, who should use it, why you shouldn’t be using it, etc…

There are already several other threads for just the New App and here you come creating this thread and then an accidental one that you categorized incorrectly which all you needed to do was edit it and put it into the correct bucket.

This is just duplication and will cause more confusion than there already is. For those reading this, please use the original thread that the community has been using for the past month about SmartThings Classic and SmartThings (Samsung Connect) apps.


Apologies if I somehow offended people in the forums. The intent was to organize a list of issues only, not commentary on logos, whether changes are good or bad, speculation on the continued support of Webcore, etc. I did this because I went through the first 100 posts, and found a few that actually spoke to specific issues. Which is fine, forums are meant for discussion, and some of the back and forth is enlightening to a new user such as myself as to what is expected for this platform (good and bad experiences). Ideally, if I has the time, I would go through all 355 posts in the existing thread and pull the list of issues from the other post to this one.

In terms of the miscategorized post, I did not realize that non-moderators were allowed to recategorize items (most forums I’ve been on do not allow users to do so, only mods), hence my follow-up to that thread instructing people to come here for the correct thread.

For what it’s worth, I sent the same issues list I to Smart things support. Aside from recommending I turn off the device health feature, they actually recommended I stick with Smart things classic for the time being.

In terms of migration, apologies for the poor choice of words. I believe the new app was pushed to my phone because I have a Galaxy S9 where Smartthings is “natively” supported (for example, there is a Smartthings section on the notification shade to allow me to access my Smartthings devices and turn them on right from the shade). There are a couple users in the old thread that alluded to this push-to-Samsung phones occuring.


It defeats the purpose. No matter how hard you try this is not going to just list issues. In fact it will make it more confusing for more users to have yet another topic on the same subject. There are already a ton of topics created on the new ST app and it doesn’t do any good to try and start another thinking that people are going to list just the issues. The othert thread contains everything, comparisons, differences, issues, complaints about how things were communicated.

Please go read the last post by @vlad (SmartThings staff member) in the thread I linked above.

You can ask any and all of your questions in that thread.

As far as issues in the new Application, again go read the post. The application is far from complete. Although it is accessible to us as customers, it is a work in progress and most customers are to use the SmartThings Classic app until such time comes as to the new application being 100% complete.


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Yes I have the new, extra Home location created also…
It would be nice to know what that is about.

I received the message to migrate in my SmartThings app, I opened it and it had a link to migrate to a Samsung account. I can tell you it has screwed up my SmartThings enough that I’m looking at Vera now. My location no longer works to perform automations and simple things like goodnight are impossible to find. I figured this would happen when Samsung bought SmartThings.

You can and should continue using the SmartThings Classic app after migrating to a Samsung account.

Yes, I know, but since the migration none of my presence based automations run anymore. I always show present at home even though I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps.