New App vs Old App - I am confused

ok folks. I need help getting to understanding something…

So which app am I supposed to be using for my day to day? I still have the classic up and running and the new smarthings app working as well. I have the connect network also setup in my house. I assumed, anything I did one app would update the other, but no such thing…I am talking about the automations I have created on both sides. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciate it.

Easy answer: Classic. Classic. Classic.

There is very little functionality in the “new” App that anyone needs, though you should be able to bring up that App if needed (e.g., to control Samsung TVs or Appliances not compatible with the Classic App). There is still a bit too much functionality available in Classic (and peer support here is more familiar with Classic) that is missing from New.

More details if you wish to do a lot of reading is in this Topic and a few others:


Thank you for the update. This helps.

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I think you need the new app to change any settings for your connect home mesh network?

But as @tgauchat said, keep using the classic app. Unless there’s something that only works in the new one, but as mentioned it’s usually the other way around.


@tgauchat, did I miss any guideline in DTH development that would make my homemade DTH not connecting the new app?
Are they deploying the new app only supporting the officials DTH?


Unpublished / homemade DTH are currently not compatible with the New App.

The specifications for ZigBee and Z-Wave DTH for the new App have not even been published.

Specs for Cloud Service devices (eg, Amazon IoT button) are published for personal use.r

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Ok thanks, so maybe it is still on-going with my migration as not only my self publish dths are not working but those I took from various github line Zooz 4in1 also don’t work.
I’ll reach out ST support.

What do you mean by “took from github”?

Any DTH that you have to paste or GitHub link in the IDE does not work in the new App!

Only Things which join fully automatically / transparently with no involvement of the IDE (whatsoever!) are compatible with the new App.

There is a very limited self-publish process, but it uses an entirely different SDK and environment that is only in Beta and highly incomplete. It is irrelevant to 99% of us.


I mean that I have my DTH and others coming from my/their repository/branch using the IDE github integration.

Maybe I misread your initial post

you meant: NOT compatible?

Correct… not compatible; sorry for the typo.


Seems the way to have DTH working with the new app is just to add: mnmn: “SmartThings”, vid:“generic-xxxxxxxx” where the last one is among the categories listed at New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work? and below posts.

I already have one done but seems the device has to be removed and added again to have it working after the update.


Yup… this looks convenient and promising. This is great to find out and also very good news.

I’m pretty sure that certain functions in highly customized DTHs (e.g., in particular those with ad hoc custom Attributes and Commands) may not be entirely compatible, but at least it doesn’t hurt to try and find out.