Just bought a schlage lock...question

Hi. I just received my zwave schlage smart lock and i know some people have had issues with them. Im asking is there anything special i should do once i install it. Also what is the best dth to use with the lock?

I use the generic/default DTH for it. I did purchase Rboy’s smartapp for locks. It is pretty slick with all the options it can do.


are both similar? I have nursing for my daughter so what I would like to do is setup access codes for her nurses when its there shift.

A device handler and smart app are different things, different purposes. The DTH, from my understanding (someone correct me if I’m wrong), is how ST communicates with the device (what capabilities it has, features, etc.). A smartapp is something that can interact with devices. The Rboy smartapp has what you are talking about–there might be a community created smartapp out there that does the same things, but I haven’t tried any others.

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i meant dth…sorry. just trying to see the differences wih generic & custom DTH’s & if there are any special steps that I should take before I install it.

@RBoy can u let me know what the difference is between your dth & the generic one? One thing im looking for is to assign my daughters nurses access codes when its their shift.

As @brenthaag had mentioned, the DTH is used to allow ST to access the device features/communicate with it. The stock ST DTH only allows for basic communication, locking, unlocking and programming codes. The Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH fixes a few issues with the ST DTH, lock specific firmware bugs (e.g. Schlage FE599, August locks etc) and allows you to access additional features of your lock depending on your lock brand/model.

You can find a detailed list of features here:
[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, DanaLock, August Pro, Samsung, Locstar, KeyWe Locks and Popp Z-Wave Keypad Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features

The SmartApp is used to manage/program codes for your lock. You can use SmartLocks or our free Single User Programming app for basic one off programming . For a more complete control of your lock codes including scheduling, custom actions, notifications, SHM/ADT integration etc you can check out the Lock User Management (LUM) SmartApp features here: (all the above apps work with the stock ST and enhanced DTH’s)

[RELEASE] Lock User Management: Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration

Thank rboy I’ll take a look.

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@RBoy does your lock software work with the new smartthings app?

This will explain the difference between a DTH & a smart app. :sunglasses: ( this is a clickable link)

In addition, you might find the following helpful. The screenshots are all out of date, but the basic concepts are still good:

Yes all our apps and DTHs’ work with the new app. However you need to install all custom apps through the Classic app then you can access them from the new app.

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Ok tha vs guys. Oh… @RBoy…any tips I should know when I instal the lock? I read it should be paired before be installed. My hub & lock are in the same room.

Reset the lock first, reboot the hub and then pair it. Should be smooth. Then install it on your door and add add a repeater within 20ft for best performance.

Not on the Schlage. It does the calibration of the deadbolt as part of the pairing procedure, so it must be installed on the door where you’ll use it before you pair it. (That’s in the user manual, by the way.)

See the following FAQ and follow Walter’s instructions in post four exactly. Even if you think you have already done some of them do them all in that exact order. :sunglasses:

Adding an additional repeater is a good idea, As @rboy suggested. Pair The repeater first before you add the lock and then the lock will find it.

Ok thanks for the tip. I’m not gonna worry ro much because my brother in law will hopefully be at the house Saturday doing yhe switches so if I run I to a problem he will.be there to help. I read that the lock has a code peogrames into already. Qhen I react the lock will.that erase that code or is it permanent? Thanks.

@RBoy I got the lock installed & paired. Took me awhile but I was able to do it myself. My question to you is with your luck smartapp, can I create users with their own code but at a certain time
I have night nursed for my daughter & what I want to do is assign them a user code but maybe with a 15 to 30 minute window. An example would be u have one night nurse on Sunday, her shift starts at 11pm, I would want her code to only work Sunday night from say 1045 to 1115 pm?

@JDRoberts would you the answer to my question above?

I would think so, but I’m not sure exactly how small the window can be on that particular device. @rboy or @maddie should know. :sunglasses:

Also, just from my own personal experience with health aides, I generally allow their code to work throughout their shift +15 minutes. That way if for whatever reason they have to go briefly outside, maybe to get something out of the car, they could still get back in without having to call you. But that’s your choice. I don’t typically have an overnight attendant because I have housemates so I can understand if you might want to shut that one off earlier.

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Thanks @JDRoberts. 2 nurses have been with my daughter along time so I do trust them but the 2 new nurses are nice but have only been with us for a short time.p

Yes you can create upto 3 daily or weekly schedules per person with a resolution of 1 about minute. Check out this post for a list of all the features

[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM) - #1705 by maddie

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