Schlage Keypad won't connect

I got a schlage Touchscreen I have tried several times to include o program with my smartthings hub with no luck.
Every single time I press the program code and then 0, I always get the “X” and never the green light
I reset the lock to factory settings and.still got the problem.

Any help?

Try a general device exclusion on it, then try to add again. Bring the hub as close to it as possible.

The hub is actually plug into the power and to the router about 7 feet from the door. Is it too much? If so, how can I bring the hub closer if it has to be plug into the.router?

Try excluding it, then try to add

I’m not sure which Schlage lock/keypad you have, but if you have the Connect version, here is a good thread with several good links and info on best practices: