Need some help. Smart lock app isnt working for me

I have the schlage deadbolt on my front door. I have until the last app release been using a custom DHT. Upon the release of the new app I went in and set the device handler to what the ST rep indicated it needed to be.

Now I am unable to set lock codes.

When I go into the code management section it shows two codes listed. Named Code1 and Code2. I can delete those and they will show back up after the system refreshes. I can also create a new code. It saved and gives me the option to send via SMS. However if I go back to where the codes are supposed to be listed only the two that keep reappearing are there.

which device handler did they have you assign?

Z-Wave Lock

He specifically said not to use the Z-wave lock w/code.

you might have to open live logging in the IDE to see whats happening. One things to make sure with Schlage is your pin length is set manually on the lock and what you set in the app has to match that length for it to program successfully.

Where do I check pin length?

its been so long I don’t remember. Check the instructions for the lock

Somewhere between 4 and 8.

You can view the programming guide for your lock here:

I was using 4 pin code previous to changing the DTH. Fairly certain its set to 4.

Yeah its 4. When I try to set any other code in the app other than 4 the smart lock app gets an error.

Bump. Can someone please help me figure out how to get this working?

My suggestion is:

Don’t use the new Smart Locks app for changing your codes. You can leave the new Smart Locks App in place to view your locks from the dashboard, but go back to using the custom DTH you had before and whatever app you were using and change your codes the way you were prior to the new app.

BAH!!! I hate that answer. LOL

Are you saying that because there just isn’t a solution at this point? Or are we at a point where I need to be poking the ST support group directly?

Lol. I’m simply saying revert back to what you know worked and make sure you can still update codes like you always thought you could. Then create a ticket for support about not being able to do it with the new Smart Locks app and stock DTH. Or 3rd option, stay where you are now and not be able to change the codes :yum:

LOL, thanks man. I appreciate your help.

I know it’s not the answer you wanted with a magical fix but I’m doing the same thing. I have the new Smart Locks app installed but only using it to monitor locks in the dashboard. For all maintenance I use my RBoy app and Universal Z-Wave…

The stock one will only allow you to lock and unlock as well. Doesn’t expose everything else I can do with the lock.

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