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Z-Wave Lock vs. Z-Wave Lock with Codes DTH

(Chris) #1

I just replaced a Z-Wave Kwikset 914 with a newer Z-Wave Plus version of the same lock. Most functions seem to work fine with the regular ‘Z-Wave Lock’ DTH, EXCEPT code programming. To get it to program codes, I had to switch to the ‘Z-Wave Lock with Codes’ DTH, which runs in the cloud and not locally. Any idea what is going on here? Could this be a 25x beta issue?

(Jimmy) #2

“Z-wave Lock” is the official device handler listed on their GitHub.


Post that question on the beta site (Centercode) and in the 25.17 thread. When I did this for my August Pro (but removing and re-adding it to the hub), it showed up 'Z-Wave Lock with Codes’, which is what I did not have before.