Schlage touchscreen zWave lock

I have the Schlage century touch screen locks and debating on which handler works best now. I notice ST has code programming capabilities now. Which device handle do you use or recommend?


Depends on if you just want basic lock controls (open, closed, send a code) or if you want to control the advanced features of the lock, such as the tamper alarm.

The built-in Z-Wave lock DTH works fine for basic use and uses local processing on the hub. A custom like Rboy’s universal DTH gives access to all of the locks advanced features but dies not use local processing.

Mind you, this is a separate discussion from which lock code management app you use… Fortunately with the latest updates from Rboy, his DTH should be fully compatible with SmartLocks and his custom Lock management app is fully compatible with the built-in Z-Wave lock handler. So it purely becomes a question of what is more important to you - do you want to access the advanced features or local lock/unlock processing.


Which handler is the local one. I saw a few that were zwave lock

Is there local capability to use a code to run a routine, do you know which smart app. Right now I use rboy

Thanks a bunch

Z-Wave Lock is the default local processing DTH and yes it can respond to automation.

However, that said, remember whenever using smartapps - unless they were provided by Smartthings, they don’t run locally either SOOOO the merit of having a local processing lock DTH is dubious at best if you’re using anything besides the built-in functionality. For that reason I usually run RBoy’ DTH and Code management.

I mean if the cloud is down, it’s not like I can’t turn a key or punch a code on the door… The lock processes the code on the lock itself so I’m not locked out… The only thing I CAN’T do in that case is let the unlock event from my lock disarm SHM… That’s fine by me because I’m not using SHM as a primary security system.


I use the following device handler for my schlage connect lock. It has controls for the advanced features: