Is there a way to create an automation with the trigger being who unlocked the door

i have a dog walker come and take the dog for a walk and i’d like that when she uses her code to unlock the front door the security system would automatically disarm, is something like this possible??

there is a third-party tool called SharpTools that offers that capability in their Rules Engine but it requires their premium service. SharpTools Pricing


Yes, it is possible

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hmm thats strange i dont have that ooption as a trigger, what edge driver are you using for that device? I have an assure yale lock so im wondering if that could be the issue?

@philh30 has driver with support for names

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depends on which module you may be using in the lock. if z-wave look at post above. If the wifi module… then you are out of luck.

awesome i am using Zwave, but forgive me for my ignorance,

do i use the z wave masquerade driver or the z wave lock driver? my yale is currently on his z wave lock driver and i dont see any of the options Milan posted above.

According to the author of that driver, the extra features only work for certain Schlage locks. That was 6 months ago and may have changed, but I don’t think it has.

Rboy just released a new driver which is advertised to do what you’re looking for, but you have to pay and I can’t say for sure if it actually works. The only review I saw on here says to stick with philh30’s driver, so who knows. I think there’s more than a few people, myself included, who are nervous to put their eggs back in Rboy’s basket, but if you’re feeling brave then it’s an option. Please report back if you do go that route.

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Phil’s driver works great for unlock automations, but not for lock automation. I can confirm rboy’s paid driver supports both lock and unlock automation by code slot/name/type for my Schlage.