[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH

Jam alerts: ‘Lock’ changes to ‘Unknown’ Then…
Tamper alerts: ‘Tamper’ changes to ‘detected’ Then…

I would also like to know or a way to identify who lock/unlock the door. I used to use webcore to identify who lock the door then based on that to activate sthm.

You can do that in Sharptools

Yes I read people mentioned. Thank you
Still looking for a way to do it without spending extra money just for this feature.

What I am doing temporarily is to use ring door bell to identify who is allowed to arm/disarm.


Can you tell me if your Edge Driver supports any other brands other than Schlage?

One door in my house is a “Single Hole/Bore”, so I’m looking for a single-hole Smart Z-Wave Keypad & Handle combination (not a separate Two-Hole Deadbolt & Handle).

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

For Example: https://www.kwikset.com/products/detail/912-smartcode-electronic-tustin-lever-with-z-wave-technology?variant=912tnl-trl-zw-15

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It’s the stock ST driver with extra functionality added for a few Schlage models (BE468/469, in both Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus). The code from the stock driver is still in there that will support other fingerprints besides those Schlage models, but if you don’t have any of those Schlage models then I’d suggest just sticking with the stock driver. You can find the list of fingerprints supported by the stock driver here.


Perfect! Thank you!

Help, I am pretty new to this. I have several Schlage BE469 locks running Beta ZWave edge driver. Everything works great. I would like to use sharptools rules for a specific user who unlocks the door. According to these posts it can be done? Sharptools is only reporting 4 device attributes (codeChanged, lock, lockCodes, scanCodes), the closest is lockCodes which is {“1”:“Ken”,“2”:“Code 2”}. How do I get sharptools to report the user that unlocked the door.
If this requires philh30 edge driver then that is my other problem. When I try to accept invitation to that channel I am getting “There was an internal server error.” And I cannot enroll in that channel.


Use ‘$context.event.data.codeId’ variable for different users. My rule look like this:

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Those are attributes of the lock. As @Babar_Khan mentions, you must get the data from the actual unlock/lock event.

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Thanks very much. Very helpful and quick.

How did you know there was an context extra data key named codeId? Where do I find what extra data keys there are that I don’t know about that maybe I could use? I recognize that I may be even dumber than I think.
Thanks again!

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I learned about them from @Babar_Khan and from Josh at Sharptools.

You can also run the ST CLI and use the logcat command to dump logging data from the drivers which will show you what attributes are included for device events.


The three event attributes namely codeId, codename and method were revealed by @joshua_lyon of Sharptools.


Thanks so much guys. @h0ckeysk8er @Babar_Khan
I see .codeId and .method work perfectly. It is too bad that .codeName does not work for me. Smartthings reports my name when I unlock the door and SLGA history shows my name as opening the door, but when I put .codeName into a variable in Sharptools it is reported as “Code 1” I see lots of discussions in the forum about this. Hopefully it will get fixed sometime.
Thanks again for taking time to share your knowledge


Hi all, just playing catch up here. I wasn’t aware of the ST Groovy to Edge migration (whoops), so when I came back from the holidays and all of my webCoRE routines were broken, I started reading.

I’ve gotten most of it working again (thanks @philh30 for the GE Jasco Switches/Dimmers Edge Drivers!), but I’m having trouble enrolling/installing the Z-Wave Lock PH driver referenced in this thread. Hoping I’m just missing something easy.

To give some extra info - I’ve tried every way I know to join the appropriate channel, but either can’t find the link to a Smartthings Communty topic on GitHub (GitHub - philh30/ST-Edge-Drivers) or when I click the channel invitation link posted by @JohnRichard near the top of this thread and try to Accept TOS I get “There was an internal server error.”

Any and all helps is greatly appreciated!

There are a number of people reporting problems with channel invites today. Probably a platform issue.

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Thanks, I’ll check back tomorrow. Appreciate all your work on this!


How do we get access to your Z-Wave Lock Edge Driver?

I have a Schlage BE469ZP that I would like to get setup with your driver.

Thank You.

Try this Step By Step

Edit: Fixed Link:

Your link is bad. Private or doesn’t exist

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