Is anyone using Monoprice Z-Wave devices?

Apparently there is a sale on Z-wave devices from Monoprice:"z-wave"&ref=cj

Has anyone tried any of these–and if so, do they work fine? I know Z-wave devices are supposed to “just work” but it would be great if someone can confirm these ones as working.

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I’m a huge fan of Monoprice and had no idea they had z-wave devices. I will be purchasing a few and will report back when I get them in.

I just realized it looks like the door/window sensor has terminals within the device to easily tap into.

Cool! I was going to get one of the motion sensors but they sold out before I could snag one. I also posted a link to the Monoprice z-wave page in the compatibility list thread in case the ST staff can order some for testing.

If you guys find out if these work for you, it would be great to let us know.


Can anyone who ordered from Monoprice confirm that these work with ST yet? Thanks!

I have two of the door sensors sitting on my counter right now – hopefully will be able to install them in the next couple of days.

Good news / Bad news. Good news is that the door sensor works! I just got the door open/close sensors hooked up to SmartThings. When I initially paired them it paired as a “Z-wave device”. I went into ide.smartthings and switched it to a “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” and now it works flawlessly.

Bad News: they are sold out as of right now.

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for reporting back! I don’t suppose you got any of the motion sensors, by chance, did you?

I didn’t get any motion sensors but I will try to pick a few up when they come back in stock and I’ll report back.

I installed one of the door/window sensors this weekend and it works fine. One thing I noticed is that in my events log for that device has a lot of entries that read, “Upstairs Door alarm7 is Active”.

Anyone know what “alarm7” is? I have the device type set to “z-wave door/window sensor”

Steve– sorry that alarm7 event is not supposed to be displayed. These sensors usually have a tamper alert that they send out when you take the cover off. Would you mind posting the rawDescription of one of those events (from the event list on the web)?

If it’s sending those continuously, I would check to make sure the cover is properly clicked down. These sensors often will stay awake/listening while the cover is off so they can be configured, and that will drain the battery fast.

It might also be some other notification. I don’t have one of these yet, but I’ll try to take a look at some point.

Hey Duncan. Here is the raw description. I have looked at all my devices and it seems that the cover is on properly.

Ah, looks like that’s an intrusion alarm, so it probably gets sent every time it opens. The format is a little weird – we’ll have to update the device type handler to present that properly. Thanks

If anyone else is waiting they have the door and now motion sensors back in stock.

Thanks for the alert @acastal – just ordered!

Thanks for the heads up @acastal. I am buying some of their motion sensors. I’ll report back when I get them in.

I just ordered two - ill report as well

I got the monoprice motion detector / temp sensor. It connected just fine and SmartThings thought it was a an Aeon multi-sensor. Sure given that it has a motion and temp in it. It seems to work just fine. @Duncan, it has the alarm7 event attached to it. Do you want me to post the raw data again?