Monoprice has great prices on z-wave products

Taken from Slickdeals. Monoprice has some great deals on z-wave products including some z-wave plus, use coupon YAY20 at checkout. Shipping is included too. Great time to stock up. I picked up some of the shock detectors to see how well they work plus a few door sensors.

Prices after code YAY20


Thanks for sharing. Picked up a garage door sensor.

Didn’t realize they had some new stuff. Thanks for the share!

one thing to be aware of is the Stitch branded products do not work with SmartThings.

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My only worry is that it shouldn’t be added by the new app since it will add only listed devices.
Of course, classic app will work. Is that true ?

@RBoy has handlers for most (all?) of the Monoprice handlers. Not sure if he’s got them working in the new app or not. Some of them will work with standard handlers that do work in the new app.

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What is the difference between these 2 ? Is the more expensive one actually better for any reason?

Thanks for the heads up !

The long, bigger, rectangular one has external contacts I believe.

On slickdeals, someone said that the larger sensor takes AA or AAA batteries and the smaller one takes a button battery. If there’s one gripe I have about ST sensors, it’s the wide variety of batteries needed.

24259, the one without the external contacts, runs on two AAA batteries.

15270 runs on a CR123A, which is a lithium battery but it isn’t button-shaped, it’s more like a snub-nosed AAA or AAA.

All the RBoy Apps DTH’s have been updated for atleast the basic functionality work with the new ST app. Some DTH’s have more features other are more basic.

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