Is anyone using Monoprice Z-Wave devices?

Should the door sensor have about the same range as the ST presence sensor? I was thinking about picking one up for my mailbox and thought I would test the range with my presence sensor first

@austinrfnd Does it display the temp too? Mine should arrive tomorrow!

@Steve28 - it does display temperature . . . in Celsius. It also does not send “no motion” for about 3 minutes after the motion stops which is probably fine for some situations but not all.

Yes I can confirm all of @acastal’s findings.

Works great here too. This thing seems to function nearly identically to the schlage motion sensor. I have 3 of the Schlage sensors in my house. Both the monoproce and the schlage come with a black jumper you can place on pins inside the device to adjust the sensitivity for pets. There’s also a location labeled “test” and this puts it in a mode where it will only have a 5s reset time so you can walk around your room and check where it can see without having to wait 3 min for it to send the “no motion” signal.

It doesn’t come with a mounting bracket like the schlage, so if you double-sticky-tape this one to th wall it might be difficult to get the battery door open when you need to change it.

It’s nice that monoproce is in the game now - would be nice if we could get dives to be more like $25 instead of $40-50

I’m having an issue with the Monoprice door sensor. Like Austin said, the sensor initially pairs as a “Z-wave device”. I went into ide.smartthings and switched it to a “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” like he did, but now its only registering on the phone app as “Open” – I cannot get it to close by putting the magnet on top of it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Nevermind – it’s working now! Guess I had to give it a few minutes to sync up with the system.

@stevesell, oh dude, thanks for the info on the motion sensor.

I love the Schlage motion sensors. They never report false positives and perfectly ignore my dog, while very accurately recognizing humans moving around. They also have a massive range and fantastic battery life.

If the monoprice sensor is anything like the Schlage, I’m going to get more. I ordered one for testing, for now. What was holding me back was not knowing whether it has adjustable sensitivity. So again, thanks for confirming!

Thanks for the continued updates! Keep em coming, definitely interested in the motion sensors. If you guys are able to get all of the “bugs” worked out, I plan on picking up a few.

There are no bugs that I can see - both work as expected. With the door sensor, you just have to log in to the IDE after you pair it and switch the device type to “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” from “Z-Wave Device” - but that’s trivial.

Ok…I thought there was still an issue with the motion sensor not clearing the motion detected alert/flag?

Yeah no issues. That motion clearing thing is more of a setting but it pretty much works out of the box.

Good to know, thank you for the update! I’ll probably order some then!

@chevyman142000 - it works the same as the Schlage ones - there has to be no motion for 3 min before it will send the “no motion” - it’s not immediate like the SmartThings one. This is fine for all of my applications - so just be aware of it if you were planning on having more immediate “no motion” reporting.

Received the door sensors today - other than having to change the type in the IDE they work good - a bit large

One weird thing is in the “things” view , shake for the names shows “no name” even though there is a name.

@Jim–In the IDE add a Label under the name I think.


Were you able to successfully put the motion sensor into test mode? I read the Schlage installation manual and you can jump 1 or two of the test pins for 1 min or 5 sec reset times, respectively.

However, when I jump the pins, it still seems to have the 3-4min reset.

@impliciter - I have to admit I did not try it with the monoprice one. I did do it on one of my Schlage ones when I wanted to check the coverage. I don’t know how you only jump one pin… If you put the jumper across both of the pins under “TEST” that should give it a 5s reset time. The jumper should be oriented vertically… check out page 4 here:

I think in the monoprice one, the TEST pins are on the right, though (but I could be wrong - doing this from memory).

The pins are labeled like the Schlage manual. I misread it first and thought that jumper on a single pin would set the time to 1min; it read 4min (default time). I guess it says that so you can leave the jumper in the device and it will use default settings.

At any rate, I’m not seeing the 5sec reset time. It makes setting the sensor up quite difficult.

I created a device handler for the Monoprice Motion sensor. You can grab it from here:

It has the following advantages over the existing device types:

  • Reports motion and temperature (only)
  • Temperature is reported in Fahrenheit
  • Low-pass filters the temperature value, since I have noticed that the reading is a bit twitchy. This removes noise from the activity log.