Monoprice Z-Wave sale up to 25% off until 9/26

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New to ST here. I am interested in the “Z-Wave Plus® Recessed Door/Window Sensor, NO LOGO” for my home. What would it take to get them set-up? Is there a device handler I would need or would they just work out of the box?

I see a review on the site that it does work with SmartThings so I’m guessing that it probably works with the standard Z-wave Open/Closed DH provided by SmartThings.

Review below:
Works great with SmartThings Hub
Nick, Kaysville, UT 8/26/2016 8:46:02 PM
Pros: -Easy Install
-Good Quality
-Good Sized Powerful Magnet

Cons: -None

Works great with my Samsung SmartThings version 2. I bought two, one for my front and one for my back door. My front door has a Kwikset SmartCode SmartKey door lock that I use with this sensor to autolock my door after a few minutes if the door is closed. My back door doesn’t have a smart lock but it give me the peace of mind that I know when the door has been opened and closed. I plan to add a speaker to my SmartThings Hub to get audible alerts or an alarm at night if either door opens.

As for installation it is pretty straight-forward. A 3/4" hole is needed for the magnet and the sensor itself. For my front metal door I drilled a 3/4" hole in the top of the door and then placed the magnet alone in the door. I then placed the sensor in the door frame above the magnet when the door is closed. The back door I placed the magnet in the frame and the sensor in the door.

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I just ordered 4 items. You can use code midweek for an additional 15% off


I picked up a couple more motion sensors and used the midweek code myself.

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Been waiting for some cheap recessed contact sensors. Being Zwave + is an extra plus.
Picked up 2. thanks OP