IOS 2.0.3 - Release Notes - 10/01/2015

SmartThings iOS 2.0.3 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes.

Features & Improvements:

  • Updated: Hub Connected screen in Getting Started Experience
  • Created additional prompt asking users if they are sure they want the region they’ve selected
  • Added the ability to swipe between sub tabs
  • Improved: Contrast/Font Readability


  • Fixed: App crash adding second hub/location
  • Fixed: After pairing device then clicking back, there is no way to progress back into config steps again
  • Fixed: Add a Room button doesn’t always work
  • Fixed: Occasion crash after claiming v2 Hub
  • Fixed: User is able to create a new account without claiming a hub if relaunches the app after force-closing on “Select a Region” or “Hub Claiming” screen
  • Fixed: Not Yet Configured Rich Tile controls displaying in tile preview
  • Fixed: Home Monitoring icons to select cameras for recording
  • Fixed: Claiming hub adds 2nd hub to initial/wrong location
  • Fixed: Device sorting within a room doesn’t save if your room also has a hero device
  • Removed: Duplicate Screen title displays “Finished” from Success Screen in Getting Started Experience
  • Fixed: Changes on Edit Location screen save when tapping “Back”
  • Added: Placeholder/Help text when zero mobile presence devices for family are installed
  • Fixed: No mobile presence device created after location creation