iOS 2.0.1 - Release Notes - 09/09/15

SmartThings has been actively listening to all the great feedback since our 2.0 launch and we are working diligently to address issues as they arise. Our goal is always to continually iterate to improve the user experience. Because the previous 2.0 release was so large, we plan to continue iterating quickly and frequently to enhance the user experience.

SmartThings 2.0.1 focuses on bug fixes and enhancements to support additional countries.


  • Enable international support by accessing servers closer to your location

Bug Fixes

  • Intermittent error when setting your location
  • Issue with back button during device pairing
  • Device was being removed from room when changing room settings for primary device
  • Issues with screen rotation
  • Refresh issue with rich controls
  • Header status not always refreshing when status is changed
  • Improved error messaging
  • Improved Hub detection for at home Video Streaming
  • Allow phrases to be executed on widget and watch
  • Intermittent app crash when claiming a new hub
  • Properly clear out stored server configuration information on reinstall of app
  • Fix for crash after creating location during post-signup Getting Started process
  • App will now only show the configure “gear” on the selected location in locations list
  • App will now preserve settings in the “Manage Widgets” screen
  • Fix to stop the Live stream Video playback when backgrounding the application
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