iOS 2.3.5 - Release Notes

With many bug fixes this release of SmartThings iOS is bound to make your SmartThing experience better. Specifically we focused on scenarios that make the app crash. SmartThings Mobile should now be more resilient to your everyday use. Not only did we make the app more resilient but we made it look better too! Here are some more detailed changes that we think you will like:

  • Updated Apple Watch app to show all of your locations and routines.
  • Improved accessibility support. (Specifically for VoiceOver and allowing it to read notifications better and more consistently.)
  • Improvement for logout issue experienced by some users.
  • Crash fix when viewing device details.
  • Crash fix when navigating to Smart Home Monitor.
  • Crash Fix when swiping between screens on “My Home”.
  • Many other crash fixes and feature enhancements.

They are already on APP Store, just looked

On my iPhone the update showing available is for 2.3.0 which I already have, lol.

EDIT: It fixed itself. Showing 2.3.5 now.

Mine shows the Notes for 2.3.5 but update available yet

Sorry should have said “not” available yet

Now the Update is showing available. But I think I will wait a few days.

Here’s the app version

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Hmm interesting, I got the beta version and reported regressions bugs in 2.3.5 a few days ago

Wonder if anyone from ST looked into it before making this release

What does this mean? I’m not seeing anything different.

I had the same question.

i’m also surprised they didn’t update the app logo to the new solid blue logo during this update. Maybe there is 3.0 app in the works that brings some new big features and the new logo?


I was unable to load my installed smart apps page in 2.3.5 beta on Monday. I reported it and within an hour there was an updated build in TestFlight.

The updated build loaded once and then this:

So reported it again and then downloaded 2.3.0.

To my surprise v2.3.5 was released to public and sure enough it won’t load my SmartApps.
They create a beta program and don’t listen to beta testers. This feels a lot like Samsung pressuring support for the Samsung account.


Widgets don’t work anymore… Wonderful

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Mine is broken too. Time to flood support.

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Us Android users would appreciate that just in case what you’re experiencing comes our way… :wink:

Perhaps that’s why I haven’t seen it show up in Google Play Store yet…


Just emailed support with attachment


Powering off and on the iPhone fixed the widget issue for me.

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Any reason why the main text on a multiValueTile changed to tiny? I no longer have the vision of a teenager and a big solid rectangle of solid color is just not as informative as the actual value the tile is supposed to show. :cry:

The current rendering is clearly different than what is shown and described in the documentation (e.g., the screen shot for a thermostat tile) and having the text for the PRIMARY_CONTROL is smaller than the one for the SECONDARY_CONTROL just does not make any sense.


Same problem here.

No issues with 2.3.5 here also on 10.3.2 beta.

my wife is not on the beta and no issues on her phone either that I noticed.