Swiping between subtabs isn't dimmer friendly

Continuing the discussion from IOS 2.0.3 - Release Notes - 10/01/2015:

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the changes that have come through so far, and those yet to come. But this change - while very nice in most cases - makes updating a dimmer level much more difficult. You have to be so much more precise now and the last thing I want to do when adjusting a light level is to slow down and stare at the phone.

Does anyone else notice this as well or am I just being clumsy?

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also makes incredibly hard work of colour selecting on hue bulbs in the colour picker, if not impossible, you cant drag the colour picker round you have to stab at the screen . . .

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Dimming control isn’t working at all in voiceover in the newest version of the iOS app. I can get the slider to change, but it doesn’t change the light. Or the value in the big tile. I don’t know if you can tell from the screenshot, for the slider is significantly above the 73% mark. Voiceover says 85%, but nothing else ever changes.

Thanks guys. In some ways I’m relieved that I wasn’t being that clumsy, but I kinda wished that there was a neat trick to get it to work consistently.

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First Post!

This also bothered me despite barely owning a SmartThings hub long enough to get used to the previous method. I found what works for me is to tap on the dimmer dot and holding it there for a split second before sliding the dimmer.

That seemed to work for me as well, but I’m back to that takes slowing down and being a lot more precise than ideal.

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I don’t remember if this worked this way previously or not, but I know now I can’t just tap a specific position on the dimmer scale and have it dim there instantly. I’m pretty sure you could with insteon though.