Android 2.0.3 - Release Notes - 10/06/2015

SmartThings Android 2.0.3 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes.

Features & Improvements:

  • Increased tap target for “Support” on Hub Claim Code screen
  • Improved Sign Up screen tap targets for Terms & Privacy policy links
  • Improved spinner treatment


  • Fixed: Where to Buy should point to UK site
  • Fixed: Mobile presence error after switching location
  • Fixed: “Not Authorized” error on adding second location
  • Fixed: Minimizing app on claim screen crashes application causes 100% crash loop on relaunch
  • Fixed: Setting device image, when user sets image ‘Via Take A Photo’ option, change is not seen in preferences page
  • Fixed: Issue using dimmer in rich control
  • Fixed: Blank wayfinder
  • Fixed: Smart Home Monitor > Clicking Next before HTML content loads crashes app
  • Fixed: Edit device/device name > Overlapping text displays after renaming device label
  • Fixed: No placeholder/help text when 0 Routines installed
  • Fixed: No mobile presence device created after location creation
  • Fixed: Edit Rooms placement of ‘X’ button is off
  • Fixed: Duplicate Smart Home Monitor modules