iOS 2.0.4 - Release Notes - 10/22/2015

SmartThings 2.0.4 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes.

Features & Improvements:

  • Consolidated pairing instructions while in the getting started experience
  • Updated Device Pairing ‘Add a Room’ user flow
  • Added Auto advance through page carousel tile views
  • Updated getting started content on educational screens


  • Fixed silent pairing and un-connected client connection on startup
  • Fixed crash during startup for certain locations
  • Removed tab swipe gesture on Device details and Room details
  • Fixed app doesn’t realize its on the home network
  • Fixed double click to get live stream video to play
  • Fixed video playing when leaving video player screen
  • Fixed D-Link fullscreen video caused camera to restart
  • Fixed iOS7 crash when viewing educational instructions
  • Fixed crash when trying to configure a smartApp
  • Fixed Crash and show an error when user tries to save a page with no name
  • Fixed images/layout for “Things Connected” screen in getting started experience
  • Fixed border on edit location’s “Remove Location” button
  • Removed the ? to launch educational instructions on location configuration
  • Fixed the duplicate mobile presence after getting started experience
  • Added error message if live stream takes too long to connect
  • Fixed share button on Terms of Service view
  • Fixed customer support chat not displaying on iOS 9
  • Fixed the displayed text after running a routine successfully
  • Fixed error message not displayed when internet fails
  • Added play/pause to full screen video
  • Fixed 403 requests after use deletes a room or device
  • Sped up app load times
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