IKEA zigbee smart plug won't rejoin

It looks like two to three days ago my IKEA smart plug stopped responding to commands. All my attempts to reconnect the plug to the hub have failed. I started simple: unplug, plug back in the outlet. Then I tried rebooting the ST hub. Then I tried a hardware reset/pairing mode operation and the ST app would not detect a new device. So I tried removing the old device from the ST app and tried the reset/pairing again, and again, and again. This plug has been working fine for a few years. I relocated it about 2 weeks ago with no issue. I also tried plugging it into the same room as the ST hub when performing the pairing, but still didn’t help.

What’s next?

  1. hardware failure comes to mind
  2. using any custom device handlers?
  3. which ST hub? rebooted from IDE and/or powered down and removed batteries if v2?
  4. are you certain you are resetting the plug correctly?

No custom device handler… it has always used “Zigbee Switch”.

V2 hub… I originally reset from the ide. But I went ahead and tried a power down/battery removal with no success.

I reset and trigger pairing mode on the device by either inserting a paperclip and holding down the button until it resets, or you can press that same button four times in quick succession. Either way, the device isn’t being discovered by the ST app.

do you remember having any power surges recently?

No, I don’t. But I also seemed to have a zwave switch that was reporting events but not responding to commands starting around the same time. It may just be a coincidence. For that issue, I had to change the device handler in the ide to get it working again. I had been using the same handler for years with no issue. Kind of odd.

It looks like there are some Zigbee upgrades and fixes coming today, so I’ll see if that helps.

Coincidence? After this hub update, I was able to re-join my Ikea outlet with no issues.

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Had the same issue for the last 2 days with my V2 hub. Not sure if my hub got the firmware update or not. But in testing it now, my two IKEA outlets are working again. Didn’t remove and re-add them or anything.