SmartThings Maintenance - SmartThings Hub 2015 (v2) Zigbee Update - 10 May 2021

Just got this email:

SmartThings Hub 2015 (v2) Zigbee Update

Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice

Samsung SmartThings 2015 model hubs will apply an update for their Zigbee functionality starting Monday, May 10th. This update enables Zigbee 3.0 for the 2015 model hub as well as includes specific improvements for Zigbee network performance, stability improvements, and other bug fixes.

When the update is applied, you may notice up to one minute of downtime for your Zigbee devices. This update only impacts the Zigbee functionality of the hub, and all other hub functions will remain uninterrupted. We will update the status page once the release has been completed.

Start time

May 10, 15:00 UTC

I had thought that Zigbee 3.0 was already enabled. I sure hope this update goes smooth, otherwise I could have a really bad week starting the 10th…

Did anyone see a firmware beta for this?

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I think they’ve been rolling out zigbee updates to each of the different hub models lately, but I think this is the first I’ve seen Zigbee v3 mentioned. I think Zigbee v3 was only enabled on the V3 hub.

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Yeah so far all the previous updates weren’t an issue, and I was on all those betas too. I hope there was a beta for this update!

Wait, wasnt a beta hub firmware added zigbee 3.0 to the v2 hub?

I thought so too.

It looks like 34.X enabled zigbee 3.0 for the V2 hub

This may come off as nitpicky, but the 34.09 description (that we maybe could have worded differently) says:

“Updates that position the 2015 model Hub to support upcoming features and updates (stay tuned for more updates on when this functionality goes live)”

This upcoming Zigbee Firmware change makes Zigbee 3.0 fully running on 2015 (v2) Hubs. Users in the Hub Beta program have already had this enabled, for all other users this will start rolling out on Monday, May 10th, 2021 (pending any change of plans that we will communicate using

At least the part of zigbee 3.0 that smartthings has chosen to implement. :thinking:

Last I heard, none of the smartthings hubs or WASH hubs have implemented the green power clusters, for example. So that even though the Hue tap Button is a certified zigbee 3.0 device and the smartthings V3 hub is a certified zigbee 3.0 device, they cannot work together. :disappointed_relieved:

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Ah, ok. I did pause at the word “position” and thought it was funny. Thanks for clarifying @garrett.kranz Always have to read between the lines a little with SmartThings announcements :upside_down_face:.


Wow just read a bit about this and had no idea such a thing existed!

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I believe that is part of the beta for a long time. As the Zigbee version is completely different than the normal one. @orangebucket can explain.

Then read a bit more about Zigbee. The Green Power is a really useful solution. And the way how Zigbee v 3.0 brings things together that is quite elegant. It reduces the mess what v 2 had with the different profiles.

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Thanks @GSzabados ! Do you have any good articles to point me to?

@Andremain, unfortunately not. I was digging around about a half year ago for some specific clusters and how they are handled, and came along a document regarding zigbee firmwares and updates to Zigbee 3.0 which explained well what advantages v3 has. But I cannot recall what was the software documentation where I found it.

Thats ok i found a view videos and will move on to more advanced articles.

This idea, that you can have a switch that can be powered just from harvesting the force with which a person moves the switch, has been around for a long time. Enocean is a company that made a bunch of these devices, and their protocol has since been folded into zigbee.

Probably the best known device of this type is the Phillips hue Tap. No batteries required!


Since it first came out, Phillips also introduced the “friends of Hue“ light switches, which use the same technology. Again, no batteries required. These are made by a number of different companies now. For example, in Europe, Vimar, Senic, Busch Jaeger, and Jung all offer these, along with a few other companies, and different colors and styles.

image image

In the US, so far they are only available from run less wire. Lots of colors, but only one style, although you do get a choice between single rocker or a double rocker.

Shop Click for Philips Hue – RunLessWire

All of these will require the hue bridge and can then be exposed to HomeKit. But they don’t show up in the smartthings/hue Integration and they can’t be connected directly to smartthings because of the lack of support for the green power zigbee clusters.

We have several of these at our house. Most of the styles are a little stiff so you have to push fairly hard, but not excessively so. And they are quiet and work reliably for us.

But right now, you can’t add them to a smartthings hub. :disappointed_relieved: They are zigbee 3.0, but they require the green power clusters.


This is really awesome! @garrett.kranz any chance smartthings will add this cluster in the near future?

Lets hope that after the V2 hub gets this update, the next public firmware, will include the local automations. It is super hard to recommend smartthings when most things do not run local…

Does anyone know what version number of Zigbee firmware I should be looking for after this update? I’m currently at 5.2.1.

mine is 5.2.1