I messed up. Reconnecting devices / Zwave exclusion

Hi everyone. Long story short, before I realized my network switch had died, I reset my main ST hub thinking that was the issue. I’ve since repaired the ST Wifi mesh system, but of course none of the smart devices are online.

I know I’ll have to add them back one by one, but I cannot seem to get them into Zwave exclusion so that they’re able to pair again with ST.

I’m primarily using Ikea Tradfri outlets, GE power outlets (120v), and Samsung ST door contact sensors.

I’ve followed the instructions that I’ve found on how to do a factory reset on the devices but they’re still not showing up when I try to add a new device.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Zwave and zigbee are two different protocols. Your smartthings/Aeotec has a separate radio for each, so you are running two different networks, one for zigbee and one for zwave.

“Exclusion” is used only for Z wave devices. It is necessary for those because their device ID is issued by the hub at the time that they join the Z wave network.

In contrast, each Zigbee device has its own unique ID which it always keeps. So it doesn’t need exclusion. You do need to reset each individual Zigbee device according to the manufacturer instructions in order to add it again.

Your trade free devices are Zigbee. So are the smartthings contact sensors.

Ge smart plugs might be either Z wave or Zigbee, it depends on the exact model number.

Thanks for the response. Any suggestion on how to get Zigbee sensors back into pairing mode so that they are discoverable?

It depends on the specific model. :thinking:

The main ones that would be great to get back online are the Ikea Tradfri oulets which I believe are Zigbee. I pressed the reset button on the side for 10 seconds to do a factory reset per instructions but they do not appear when I try to add a new device.

OK, lots of people have had issues with the Tradfri if they do not hold it until they see the light start to fade and then continue to hold it for a few more seconds. It’s a long time. :thinking:

To factory reset the TRADFRI control outlet, press and hold the reset button (pinhole underneath the light, located at the top (bottom if UK) of the outlet) with a paperclip until the white light starts fading. Hold onto the button for a few more seconds, then release. After this, the outlet will automatically connect.

Here’s a discussion thread.

I could be wrong and if so, I hope @JDRoberts will correct me.

I don’t think factory reset on a device will necessarily clear the controller into. You’ll need to put the hub into general exclusion mode and then exclude each device. How to do that is specific to each device model.


That is true for zwave, but not for Zigbee. So important to know, but probably not what’s going on in this case.

UPDATE: I’ve spoken to Samsung and we’ve determined that the ST hub is not going into pairing mode (no flashing green LED light) when I’m trying to add new devices. So it doesn’t appear it’s an issue with Zwave exclusion or the resetting of zwave / zigbee devices; at least not as of now, anyway. Waiting for the escalation team to provide a response on next steps to get the hub into pairing mode.


Hi, I have the exact same issue. Any progress with support?

Samsung support was of no help but the good news is that I was able to fix it myself. I deleted the existing hub from Smartthings and unplugged all of the hubs. I then switched out which hub I was trying to make the primary hub with one that had been a secondary. Once I set it up as the primary, I was able to start adding zwave and zigbee devices again. Hope this helps and best of luck.