Ikea Tradfri Outlet - Offline/Can't add new

Hey all,
So, this seems like too much of a coincidence to just be coincidence…

I picked up several Ikea Tradfri Outlets last fall and hooked one up right away with no problems. Detected on first try, all good. Had a specific somewhat obscure use for it, and haven’t paid it any attention, really since probably January.

Went to go hook up the other two over the weekend and I can’t them to be detected at all - not auto, not by selecting device. Nothing. Close proximity, etc, etc.

Here’s where the coincidence comes in. I went to go check the status of the existing one…just to see how it was doing. It’s offline. Looks like (based on firmware check) since February February 2 perhaps.

Since obviously other people are using these device with ST, I’d assume if they just en mass stopped working others would have said something that I would have found searching, but… Anyone? Anything?

Short of anyone having the same thing happen, anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions? I welcome the expertise of the masses, as I have no expertise of my own.


No issues here with any of them. To pair press the button in the tiny hole on it. As I remember, long press until the LED starts "breathing ".

IKEA outlets, bulbs are the most reliable zigbee repeater. Haven’t heard any issues with them, ever like this.

I’ve had issues as well, not with ikea Outlet but Zigbee devices. They were working fine around December but recently tried to pair a couple and never even get discovered, although the Zigbee radio says it’s functional. Did reboot and soft reset but same issue.

What have you tried so far? I have paired IKEA bulbs and I believe a socket as well in the past few weeks, maybe a month ago. All works fine.

How many other zigbee devices do you have? How many repeaters? How many directly connected to the Hub? How far are you from the Hub, etc.
(That the plug went offline/disconnected months ago, that means for me, that the radio link was week and dropped off, or you might have some serious interference. )

Time to time there are some people who has issues by pairing bulbs, due to the zigbee radio channel of the Hub. So I would ask what channel is your Hub on?