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I was told that the IKEA motion sensor was compatible with my SmartThings Hub. I went to IKEA and found out they discontinued the old model and were coming out with new model on 2/1/2020. I picked it up yesterday and I can’t add it to my SmartThings Hub. It’s gets to 80% and then it stops and then it comes up with message. Is it not connecting because it’s a new item or does someone know how to connect. Do IKEA products work with Smart Things.


You may want to contact ikea support as they manage the integration through the new app :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’s not joining because the “fingerprint” of the new sensor isn’t in the device handler yet. I only see one fingerprint in ST’s default handler for IKEA motion sensors at the moment.

What you could try to do is use the Classic app to add a generic device, which will cause it to show up as a “Thing”. Then using the IDE, edit the device and change the Type to “Ikea Motion Sensor” in the drop down box. I’m not sure how the new app finds a generic device and adds it that way, but I know there’s a way. I’ve just been more successful using the Classic app for things like this.

Tagging @tpmanley and @BroderickCarlin for awareness in case it is a simple as adding the new device’s fingerprint to the stock handler.

I’m in the market for one of these, but the closest store is 3 hours away!

Hey Stan,
There has been a fair amount of discussion around the new motion sensor as it is actually only new to the US market and was released in other markets earlier. You can read through the convo here: Ikea motion sensor

To answer your question though, yes, IKEA products work with SmartThings but there are some limitations if you are using legacy SmartThings products (like the V1 hub)

Yeah, the DTH only has a single fingerprint because IKEA gave both the old and the new motion sensor the same model name :man_facepalming: Therefore they can both share the same fingerprint

To get to the problem though, if you are still having issues getting the sensor to join feel free to shoot me a PM with the email address associated with your SmartThings account and I can look to see if there is any issues from our side as to why the sensor is not joining


Hi. Do you work for Samsung ?


I do in fact work for SmartThings, which is wholly owned by Samsung. Employees like myself will have a Staff badge following their username. Forum moderators/admins will have a small shield next to their name as well.


This site is very techie. So is something in the works for the new IKEA sensor?


I would recommend reading through the thread I posted above, but the motion sensor should work as-is.

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@sstanleyr, believe me, @BroderickCarlin knows what he is talking about.

What version Hub do you have? v1, v2, v3, SmartThings Wifi, ADT Panel, Nvidia Shield or maybe a Vodafone SmartThings Hub?

From the above list if you have v1, ADT Panel or Nvidia Shield, then unfortunately you will be unable to use it as they are a few firmware versions behind and they don’t support the required technology. Otherwise you need to press the pairing button 4 times quickly to start the pairing on the device. It will glow red on the front when in pairing mode. The 10 second press is for the old model or doing TouchLink to a bulb. (As I remember… I haven’t paired any for a few months, but it will definitely glow when in pairing mode.)
Be close to the Hub when you do it.

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@Broderickcarlin, probably he cannot send you PM as the trust level in the forum engine is not high enough yet as a new user.

Hi Again

I got everything connected.

Is there something wrong with the smart apps Smart Lightning Automations. I set it all up when there is motion between 5 and 7am I want it to turn on my lights,but when I click bubble for turn off after motion stops the next action is Tap to Set. There is nothing to tap. Is this a bug in the software? I put in a 1 for 1 minute but the light stays on and doesn’t turn off.




These motion sensors has a blind period after motion is detected, it is about 3 minutes by default.
The DH which shows the device’s states in the app has been designed to clear motion after 3 minutes. I believe that you can change this setting on the old models physically on the device, but suddenly not on the new one.

So if you set it to 1 minute in Smart Lighting, then it will keep the light on for 4 minutes from the motion detected.

Hi @BroderickCarlin , I have just joined the ST Community, sorry if asking in the wrong place. But I want to purchase the IKEA motion Senor show below and wanted to know if it will work qith the V3 hub.

Yes, it does work with the v3 Hub.

Only thing to note, it has a 3 minutes grace period. It means when motion detected it will not clear it for 3 minutes when the motion stops.

I’ve added an Ikea motion sensor to my ST environment. Is it normal that I have not options to edit at all?
for example I would like to define the time between motion detection. With the Aeontec and Fibaro motion sensors you can define that time. I can’t do this with the Ikea sensor. The result is that I’m unable to detect when motion has stopped in less then 5 minutes from the sensor being triggered. In otherwords an automation switching on the lights because of motion and switching them of 30seconds after motion has stopped is not possible. Does anyone have a custom DTH handler for this sensor? TRADFRI 704.299.13

@Frits_Bonte, If you would have read the post above yours then you wouldn’t ask this question.

It has been discussed multiple times. The IKEA motion sensors has a 3 minutes grace/blind period. If triggered by motion it will clear after 3 minutes if the motion stopped.

Sorry, about that.
I would love to get the code of the DH.
Seems that this one is basic enough for a noob like me to understand the code since it has so little feature.

Trust me, it is not. It uses group binding what makes the code complex. But you can find it on github.

Can you show me where to find it please?

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