Ikea trådfri motion sensor paring issues

I cant mange to pair my new IKEA motion sensors. I have the v3 hub.

I have the latest firmware on the Hub as well as the app. But no luck. I follow the setup in the app and hold the pairing button for 10 sec but the hub cannot find them. Ive tried close and at a distance. I have restarted the hub. I have reset the sensor with 4 click on the pairing button but nothing. I did mange to pair one sensor a couple of months ago though. But that was after several days.

Any tips or solutions to this??

Eivind Napsøy

Holding the button for 10 seconds is the pairing process to a bulb. 5 quick presses factory resets it then it enters pairing mode for the hub.

As @Alwas said. Do the quick presses and it will go into pairing mode.
I believe you have just followed the on screen prompts in the new app, what is, as I can remember, correct for the previous version of the motion sensor, but not for the new/latest version.

Update: Yep, as I thought.

@BroderickCarlin, could you take care of it, please, that this boarding screen would be updated to be appropriate for the old and “new” IKEA motion sensors. Thanks!

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And while you’re at it, may as well let these things run local too.

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5 quick press on pairing button did the magic :heart_eyes: Thank you so much :raised_hands:

Yes i have been following the 10 sec press as on the screen instruction :triumph:

Brought this up with the appropriate team and they will get this addressed. No estimate on a fix, but it is coming :smiley: