IKEA Trådfri motion sensor now working i smartthings hub! (august 2019)


Yesterday my ikea trådfri motion sensor starts working i smartthings hub V3.
This is really good news for my plans :slight_smile:


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I just got a new Ikea IKEA TRÅDFRI Motion Sensor, and it has been added as a device, but it keeps showing as no movement. Any ideas?

I dont think i done something special.
have u check in my device?

I have the new modell so if the old one works i cant tell.

I have the new model too (the older one didn’t even register so I went to replace it). This new one registers and has the setup on the online panel as yours but no motion is registered

strange… mayby try to unpair and pairing again?
is your hub on same region https://graph-eu01?

even the problem itself, it mates but finds no movement

Tried pairing again and again. Thought this update would help but no.

I assume this won’t work with pre-V3 hubs (including Link).

Any new info? I have the V2 hub and got the motion sensors yesterday, the V3 SmartThings app just won’t find the sensors… Can anyone confirm if this works with the V2 hub?

Yes, both the old and new motion sensors from IKEA are working with ST v2 and v3 hubs.

You can pair it either in the new or old app. In new, try to pair an IKEA motion sensor and press the pairing button on the back 4 or 5 times quickly until it starts glowing the red LED, it should take about 20 seconds to pair, but need to wait longer for the app to show it paired, just wait for it.
Old app is kinda same, add device, press button on the back 4 or 5 times (I cannot rememberthe right number, you will see when you’ve gotit right), wait to glow, and just wait until it shows up.

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