IKEA Tradfri (E1745) motiom sensor not working

I am a beginner user.
Although I was able to add the tradfri motion sensor to the HUB (V.3), it also shows the state of the battery, but it does not respond to movement. The sensor is good because it works well with the bulb.
What can I do?

I installed the edge driver. I get significantly more information from the device, just not the movement.

I read on the forum that in such cases it is advisable to send the fingerprint of the device to the writer of the driver so that he can edit it into the driver.

Can you help me extract the fingerprint?

Is that a fingerprint?

I am having the same problem with the IKEA E1745 motion sensor. I paired it with my V2 ST hub and I can see the battery as well as motion status. The motion sensor never changes from the state of No motion.
Driver Name: Zigbee Motion Sensor
Version: 2022-11-08-T22:02:20.188166891
When I attempt Select Different Driver button, no results found
Regards, Richard