Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor SmartThings Device Handler

I discovered some progress others had made on the Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor over on the Zigbee2MQTT github. I thought I’d share it here in case it could help with developing a device handler for SmartThings.

It seems it works nicely and reports its state (unlike some other reports I’ve seen on this community).

I will be attempting to write some groovy code for the first time but may need some assistance if anyone else is keen to get this device working?

now its work whitout DH :grinning::grinning:

This is indeed working for me now! Thanks

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Just to clarify, does this work with ST without any additional steps? No MQTT?

Haven’t done much testing yet but appears to be working natively without mqtt

I have the new modell so if the old one works i cant tell, u can choose what to do when its triggers both on and off :+1:
And no DH needed

Sounds great! Let me know how you get on. What’s the pairing process for these?

Just pair it to ST using pair button


Can you confirm how does it record motion? I have two of them, the newer one. Both paired, but I couldn’t managed any of them to show motion. Is the LED lights up when motion sensesd?


I see Nothing on sensor but in app and browser.

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Thanks, and what setting have you used on the back? Day/Night, 30%/100%?

Think night and 100% but day works to

I have mine on day setting. It’s working great.

Thanks! I cannot get motion recorded. Do you have the new one with the 3 buttons on the back, or the old with the button and 2 dials? I really appreciate your help!

new one.
Do u use iphone or android? (should not matter but…)
U see anything i IDE, last activity?

Android. I’ve just paired with a TRADFRI bulb to try is it sensing motion and it does, correctly. After paired it again with the Hub, but nothing shows up for motion. Pairing, I mean reset the motion sensor, 4 press in 5 seconds and then the Hub can find it. Have you paired it in a different way?

associated but does not recognize the movement

Exactly. Tried everything. No sign in the log or events of any motion detection.

I also have successfully paired one of these with ST, but am seeing no motion within the app.

I have reported it to the support mail address. Please do the same and reference my ticket number, 789876.