IDE says Not Authorized

BS page.

All things are not “operational”.

Everything is working for me. So what is wrong with your setup?

No issues here either

Those are from 3 days ago. Not having an issue right now. Have you tried to reboot the hub or reset the hub through the IDE?

What problems are you experiencing? Again I ask?

Yes, rebooted tried all things possible. Support responded that an “engineer” has to fix it. That was three days ago.

I have no access to app or hub in IDE it just says I’m “not authorized” multiple people are complain.

Ouch, I would request help again, being that you are down. Any indication what the problem is from the support person? Who were you dealing with?

@Tyler can you help @Tolik here. He is completely down and need assistance immediately

Feb 26, 10:37 AM

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I’m so sorry for the issue you’re seeing. Some users are currently experiencing this issue as the result of the outage we had yesterday. I have tagged your account to have an engineer take a look at it from the backend and get the issue fixed for you.

Thank you so much for your patience. I will let you know as soon as I hear that this has been resolved on your account!

Best Regards,
SmartThings Support

Feb 26, 4:00 PM

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in.

Unfortunately the only way to get this specific issue fixed is to have one of our engineers go in and fix the permissions issue manually. I can see that Kyle has already escalated it and our engineer who is on rotation should be able to get to it by today. I can’t speak on their behalf, because they do have a lot on their plates at the moment, but in my past experience with this issue has been that the engineers are able to get it done in the same day. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the moment that the issue is fixed Kyle will update you on that ticket thread.

I am marking this ticket as “Solved” but if you have any further questions related to the topic, please let Kyle know in your email chain you have going with him and that way both Kyle and the engineer working on your issue will see.

Have a nice day,

Trevor R.
SmartThings Support

I’m still waiting along with others here in the community.

So I ask again why does the support status page say all things “operational”

Why lie…?


I flagged Tyler who is normally a great help on the board here. Hopefully this will get you some attention,. I know they are going through growing pains (not that knowing that helps much) I have seen some big improvements over the past two months. Hopefully issues like yours will be more quickly resolved soon. Really sorry, but when you first stated that you were having problems it doesn’t really allow any of the community members to help unless you explain what is going on.

I’m past my problems. I can deal with having the hub down for a while. I’m lucky I don’t rely on it as a security system. Some that have issues do and they have been down for days.

I’m just pisesed off that the page that states status is bullshit.

Why have a status page misrpepresent the actual situation.

I understand, I have not relied on the status page due to this very issue. Not sure how it generates updates or determines status. It appears to be a manual process since it doesn’t update when there are ongoing issues.

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SmartThings has arbitrary secret internal criteria for the when and what they declare as an “outage” on the Status page.

I suppose they should be more inclined to post potential issues even if the scope of the impact is unknown, but frankly then there would always be a problem shown with some part of the Platform or App or Hub… So we call it the “Marketing Page”. Sometimes useful, mostly not.

But Support responsiveness is improving and mostly very good…or best they can offer.

The status page isn’t there to report localised issues, it there to report system wide outages.

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Exactly. I know it’s difficult and frustrating when you’re the one with a localized problem, but it’s not an indication of a system-wide issue or that SmartThings is lying about the system status. I know in the past they have been guilty of inaccurate posting of actual system-wide issues, but they have been much better about that lately.

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I’m in the same boat as the OP - ST has not responded to my support tickets in days.

ST has been down and completely broken for me (and others as you see) since last week and we have no word when it will be back. It’s bullshit.

I’d consider it a system wide outage if multiple users get the same error and cannot use their system - don’t you think?

Even if it was “localised” don’t you think the status page should report that they’re still working on it?

Not everyone posts on this community forum. I’m sure there’s far more people with the issue.

They’re being dishonest to their customers - and it appears to us that they don’t want to show the outages / issues as they don’t want it to impact sales.

The fact is - we have a product that isn’t working. Not for minutes, not for hours. Not even for 1 day… but for multiple DAYS. Not a feature, not a certain action, but the entire system for us. Literally, useless.

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I hope your issues are solved quickly. I really do. And, I agree that it shouldn’t take this long to solve your issue - and that the lack of action makes your issue BS.

My point is that the status page is there to indicate system-wide issues. The system, within it’s normal parameters is running ‘normally’. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include your system right now. Good luck!

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I guess it depends on how many ‘multiple’ means in this case.

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