Still Down?

(Jeff L) #1

I’m hearing that the outage is resolved, but I’m still locked out of the app. I can log in to the ide, but can’t control anything, can’t turn on my alarm, shut off the lights, etc. Am I alone in this?

(Tolik) #2

2nd this. Same issue

(Tim Slagle) #3

Please submit support tickets if you haven’t already. This is how we are able to know if there are incidents.

(Jeff L) #4

I submitted a ticket last night. But I’m still 100% down. Total outage. My automatons are still working though, but I’m heading to my second house tonight…and the damn alarm is going to be going off because I can’t disable it. And I can’t adjust the thermostat our turn on the hot water heater before I leave for the trip. First world problems people!

(Matt) #5

I may very well be done smart things after this. I haven’t been able to disarm my alarm all night. Every time I open the door I have to manually turn off the sirens and tell Scout monitored alarm it’s smart things fault. You let me pay you for monitored security but you can’t make the system reliable enough to be able to disarm it? And you let this go on for over 24 hours?

I’ve been using smart things since kickstarter, and I always come back through all of their growing pains because of the community developers. But the regular developers make me sick with how little progress they’ve ultimately made in the app and platform since kickstarter; point this out and Ben or whoever the new community manager is will come in screaming and saying I’m insulting his life. But it’s just not reliable, and the features don’t all work, and it’s been this way on and off since day 1. You guys are owned by Samsung now, not a kickstarter, and people expect your features advertised to be present and work, reliably. Get better servers and be more careful not to break things in updates. Add more officially compatible devices like you talk about - you talked about Nest and Foscam integration since day 1, where are they!? I don’t give a shit about the Nest API and polling, and the foscam being difficult, you promised these things from day 1 and to this day they only exist in community driven, unreliable, difficult / confusing to implement solutions.

The ability to add users was broken for weeks when you released the new hub with new security features that would take advantage of multiple users. The security system code has never been right - the incident alert pop up that says mute sirens or mute sirens and disarm has been 100% decoration, neither of those buttons have ever done a thing for me, instead making me manually disarm it, then manually go to the siren device and mute it every time (taking over a minute with the siren blaring to mute it after disarming).

So, when do you expect your users to be able to disarm their alarms again? Will it be fixed faster than multiple users was?

(Jeff L) #6

I feel your pain. Although I’ve generally been happy with ST, whatever QA/Test processes they have clearly have room for improvement. That said, if I were a betting man I would say they are working hard on creating the ability to establish more granular entitlements for different users on the same system to access different devices. e.g. only my wife and I can access everything, and the kids can only turn on/off lights, etc. Or I can give my friends access to house #1 without giving them access to house #2. To do that they need a more granular entitlements platform. I’d bet that’s what they are working on. But unfortunately whatever they rolled out seems to have broken some users’ existing access to devices associated with the accounts today.

I would think that such a large issue would be caught in QA, or at least monitored/verified as the update was executed. This is the sort of systemic issue that users shouldn’t have to report. ST should know that some percentage of their customers have been totally hosed.

Frustrating for sure, but I’m not giving up. . . . .mainly because there isn’t a better alternative. Show me a $99 hub that has as many or more features and is compatible with all my devices though, and I’m gone in a flash.


(Matt) #7

I’m probably giving up… after years sticking with them trying, I can’t deal with not being able to disarm my alarm. This finally pushed me over the edge. They can’t even have a status page with known problems listed, they force us each to create tickets and write on the forums. Has anyone even received a reply from them about this?

(Jeff L) #8

The gifts of Agile development. Rapid development and innovation. . . .but if you don’t have good QA and monitoring. . . .your customers get hosed in a big way.

(Matt) #9

That’s the thing. I was willing to live with their growing pains and agile development when they came out of kickstarter, even for a year or two afterwards. At this point, they should have a minimum level of stability in place, especially working with Samsung now. At this point the platform should be fairly mature and shouldn’t be suffering from stuff like this, especially with no communication of the problems to customers, in my opinion. It’s like you said, they need to be more careful testing updates and new features before rolling them out I think.

(Jeff L) #10

Lucky me - I had my house set up to disable the alarm and prep the house when the correct code is entered into the front door lock. Since my automations are all still working I do not have alarms going off and my house auto-woke up everything. Still need this fixed though ST!!!

(Matt) #11

This is absolute nonsense - Still no response on my “ticket” since the outage either, Status pages says everything’s OK.

Still can’t get into app, still can’t disarm alarm, still can’t change my “routines” so all sorts of automated crap is happening per that routine.

Guess they’re more interested in selling more Hubs and crap than fixing their own user’s issues. So they report everything as “OK” :-1:

I’ve been an ST user for years and never had these issues. This might be it for me too - I’ll develop my own solution…

(Matt) #12

Also, to add, not a single reply on the real issue, possible fix, or estimated timeframe from them since this.

I just responded to support asking for this - lets see if I get it.

(Geko) #13

If you don’t mind tinkering, which you probably don’t, since you’ve been using SmartThings for while ;), I’d recommend taking a closer look at


I had the same issues- got a response and resolution from support within 24 hours

(Patrick) #15

What was your resolution? I’m having the same issue.


The tech at Smartthings told me the problem was at their end and they would fix it for me. They did-I don’t know what they did but was glad to be able to log in again.

(Jeff L) #17

FYI, I’m back on-line. Tech reached out around 10:00am this morning and I’m all set.

(Jeff L) #19

Correction. I’m back on line. My wife on the other hand is still down. When you work with tech support make sure you address all the users associated with your account as they are all likely having the same issue.