Is ST down?

Currently Smartiles will not load and when I try to access things through the app it just spins and then errors out on me. Any body else having issues?

Yes. I just start having the same problems…

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yes, I’m getting “There was a problem refreshing your SmarThings mobile presences; Sorry, but there was an unexpected error.”

This is the moment i decided to test my firstalert smoke detectors… needless to say i’m a little nervous that it didnt alert me.

Did i cause this?

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SmartThings fail


Oh god. Not this again. Last time it took 24+ hours to get it resolved. :disappointed:

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Always down. Never up. Fantastic service!

This doesn’t bode well for spousal acceptance as she will come home to a dark house In about ten minutes. She already gets annoyed by my constant tweaking if things.

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So glad that my son carries a garage door opener along with a presence sensor, old tech is indeed more reliable.

Just mobile should be down. Rules should be fine. I would check, but mobile is down.

Isnt that what she would have arrived home to without it?

My presence rule didn’t notify me that my wife got home. She got home 10 minutes ago.

Here goes the cloud again. :angry:


you would think they would be able to fail the US instance to the UK instance in the event of a major system outage. You know a little thing that is a new concept called redundant backup system

Better get the mistress out of the house before the wife finds here:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@keltymd I agree with this… maybe a bit of redundancy would be nice, I could put up with a few more ms lag time for over-all uptime

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Probably can’t due to differences in privacy laws in the US vs Europe.

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The timing of ST going down was the worst ever for me in the last 2.5 years. I have put my existing home on sale and had a program ready to execute a smart home demo when the buyers walk in via Alexa. I put a message there saying" Just say Alexa! Turn on Smart Home Demoto experience the smart home features". The showing was between 3:30 p.m and 4:30 p.m. Guess when ST went down…At 3:25 p.m. How do I know it? Because I was monitoring my home through the camera…The buyers came in and read the message and requested Alexa too… but Alexa said “This command does not work on the device”. I was so excited as it was the first showing , but it failed miserably… Nothing to blame towards ST I guess… Outages happen…But this was so ironic… it was almost like ST planned it to make things go bad for me …lol :smile:

The demo was timed to show all features, turn on scenes, change temperature…all with voice over via SONOS. It was working great when I tested it. Thanks to Rule Machine!! Will post a video showing how the demo worked…

Hopefully it will be all systems up for the next showings…and I can get a good return on my Smart home set up :slightly_smiling:

Seems like it is a Major Outage… Although some things seem to be working now.