Troubles Logging In?

(Rick Pittser) #1

Are there issues with logging in (from iOS)? I hate it when this happens right as I’m installing a new device. I have 2 different hubs at different locations, with different accounts and can’t login to either currently. Anyone else experiencing this or did something weird happen with my app? Nothing showing as a problem on the status page.

(Endoplasmic) #2 is also not responding for me at the moment.


I am experiencing the same issue as both you guys.

(sidjohn1) #4

Sweet, it’s not just me!
Opened Support request #192424

(RH) #5

Mine’s down as well and Amazon Echo can’t connect. Hopefully temporary. Are you getting a message about inter connection failure or something like that?

(Brian) #6

Yep, came here looking for a thread like this. Figured I wasn’t the only one not able to log into the IDE.


I just submitted a ticket. If you guys haven’t, please do quickly.

@slagle @Tyler : Support request #192419

(Adam) #8

I just submitted one too. Both iPhone and Android are completely down. Glad I spent all this money for things to 50% of the time…who is running this thing?

(Rick Pittser) #9

Yep, everything is down for me too, including IDE.


me too. I put in a ticket as well.

(Brian) #11

"Major Outage’. Yikes. Good day to not work for ST.

(Mitch Pond) #12

That might be the quickest I’ve ever seen the status page updated!

(Larry) #13

Both hubs unreachable. All cannot connect to either location

(Rick Pittser) #14

“Major” is not good. I guess the contact sensor I was installing broke the camel’s back! :smile:

(Big Dummy) #15

If there’s an outage, ST is ARMED at the house, will intrusion alert be active? If so, how do I disable it locally? (I’m a newbie sorry if this has been covered in the past).

(Andy Rawson) #16

So tired of cloud everything…


Same here… IDE out, Phone apps not working, amazon echo stating: that command doesn’t work on that device…

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #18

Where do you find the status page?

(Endoplasmic) #19

I wish Z-Wave wasn’t so tricky to get on going with Ardunio or something. For non-Z-Wave this looks pretty rad:

(Brian) #20

Whenever an outage like this happens and if I was in the IDE messing around with code a few minutes before, I always get that weird feeling that I somehow wrote something so messed up that it caused it.