Can't login to IDE

Anyone else having trouble logging into the IDE today? I keep getting errors like this:

An unexpected error occurred
Sorry about that.

We have logged this error for support. If this error persists, email us at with the Reference ID and Error Time included below.

Reference ID: a98a710c-5ab0-49c6-a3f4-cd27af65601b
Error Time: 2018/08/02 02:59:10



I’m getting it. Hopefully it’s just a short term problem

It’s been 2 hours already and nothing on the status page, what’s the deal? I need to change some urgent configurations

same problem here

Oh man, same here :open_mouth:

Status Page was eventually updated. It does take a while to confirm there is an outage that is widespread and not isolated to just a few Accounts / Customers…