I have never seen support this bad (April 2019)

Their support is SO bad I am dumping Smartthings ASAP. I have 4 separate tickets open with them for over a month and have not gotten a single reply to them. It is absolutely insane. I keep replying to my own emails asking for updates and I just get a stock note back from them every time. This community seems to be the only support there. Coming here almost feels like going to an AA meeting! LOL

Sorry all I had to vent. This company had so much potential until they were acquired. Now development has slowed to a standstill, the new append changes they have made are superficial at best with no interesting functionality, and Support has completely disappeared. Ugh

To be fair, they were acquired 4 years ago and there’s been a ton of development over that time. The Samsung money did take them to a lot of new features.

On support, no question that has taken a serious turn for the worse. After the new app came out, probably because it was also then the app for the smart televisions and the smart appliances, they shifted support over to Samsung corporate. That was last year, several years after the acquisition.

And then for whatever reason starting around Black Friday 2018, support response times just got slower and slower and slower. Lots of complaints in the last few months. Very unfortunate, because this product can certainly be challenging for the customers at times. :disappointed_relieved:

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If it were true that they had that many new features, why are so many people holding out on the “classic” app? I was one of them and decided to bite the bullet and move to the new one. It has been nothing but heartburn ever since.

I have also been told that Samsung has no intent of allowing us to unlock doors in geofencing automations or to arm and disarm the smart monitor via automation. Pretty crazy. Amazon is catching up fast, with their routines and device support really fast and dumping tons of cash into smart home. I think I will be putting this Samsung implementation on ice and move over to something like that over the summer.

sooooo, maybe just go back to the classic app??? Why use what doesn’t work, and the new app just doesn’t cut it.

As far as all of those automations… those are easily done in Smartthings.


The new app is Is definitely missing features, no question. But as far as stuff they’ve added to the old app, the whole smart lights feature is new since the acquisition and has a lot of good stuff in it. And they continued to add to that, such as adding luminance and mirroring and setting dim levels. All good. :sunglasses:

Four years ago they had one hub model and had just released it for the UK. Now there are eight or nine, including the Wi-Fi mesh version, the ADT model, the Nvidia model, And they are now available in many more countries. I know that doesn’t help you as an individual US customer, but it does show there’s been a lot of work done.

There have also been a number of technical improvements, although they’re all behind the scenes. The zigbee implementation, for example, is much stronger and now you can even do multi endpoint devices which you didn’t used to be able to. And they started to add zigbee 3.0 support. Z wave plus is now well supported and they are adding support for the new S2 security framework. They also have much better central scene support. And they increased the number of devices you can have. The platform architecture for parent and child devices has changed completely and opened up a number of feature possibilities, including support for devices like power strips. They also added over the air firmware update capability for zigbee devices.

There have been many new integrations in the last couple of years. Including ring, Arlo, google home, ikea Tradfri, Iris Devices, and a number of other popular ones.

They’ve also significantly increased the amount of local processing, including local integration with the Phillips hue bridge. Those only run through the official SmartLights feature, but it’s a lot better than where it was before the acquisition.

I’m not saying everything has been sunshine and jellybeans, and reliability continues to be an issue, but they clearly have invested time and resources into platform improvements.

But, yeah, the new app still sucks. :wink:


also smart locks and scenes


I should say, that I myself moved my critical use cases off of SmartThings a couple of years ago, and have not yet been able to move them back because the reliability just isn’t there for me and neither of the two apps work with voiceover.

I do still use SmartThings for convenience use cases like getting a notification if the guestroom window is open, rain is expected, and the guest is away from the house. It just does that better than anything else in its price class, and if I don’t get any particular notification, it’s not that big a deal. And I keep hoping they’ll get the reliability straightened out one of these years. But I, too, am disappointed in the direction that support has taken in the last six months. :scream:

@JDRoberts I’m sure you’ve answered this elsewhere, but what are you using for your critical use cases? Nothing in my home is critical or without a manual backup, but I’m just curious.

I moved off the “classic” app because it is clear that is just a marketing term for “retired legacy app”. All new development is going into the new app so I didn’t want to get SO left behind that it became nearly impossible to move to the new one. Which btw was the case anyway. They made zero attempt at a clean migration path from Smartthings to Samsung.


Hmmmm, my transition from the smartthings account to the Samsung account was extremely simple. Wait until prompted, click link, done.

They’ve also been telling users to remain on the classic app as the new one isn’t done. So I’m not sure what you’re worried about getting behind on.

I’m not saying your complaints aren’t justified, I’m just not seeing where they make any sense.

Did you wait until prompted? Or did you try to find a way to do it yourself?
What more can you do with the new app that you can’t do with the classic app?

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I’ve posted it a couple of times. It’s on a combination of HomeKit, harmony, and echo.

There are updates in my project report thread:

Adding Home Automation in Phases: my limited investment strategy

They’ve been moving people over without notification in the last few months and it has caused quite a few problems for people. Most recently there was an issue with splitting the devices and the hub into two different locations and then nothing would work. It’s been discussed in the forums, was recognized as an engineering issue, and they’ve since fixed that one. But the other problems can still occur, just depending on the account’s configuration.

See the community FAQ for the list of some of the things that can happen,

As for why someone would use the new app, it’s now the only way to get integration with the Samsung smart televisions and appliances. You also need it if you are using the Wi-Fi mesh hub or the V3 hub. It has a different SHM with a built-in delay. And, the rules engine in the new app is noticeably better.

The following two threads might be of interest :sunglasses::

SPECIFIC differences between "SmartThings Classic" (the V2 app) and “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” (the V3 app)
Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

Nah, I’ll stick with the classic app, WebCoRE, and my custom apps until I have to change. Lol

Well, if you ask a question, you’re likely to get some answers. :wink:

But mostly just know that:

A) The company has started migrating accounts without prenotification

B) that migration can cause weird problems

C) First-level Samsung support sometimes gives people the wrong answers on these issues. :scream:

D) there is a community FAQ which accurately covers both the problems and the fixes :sunglasses:

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A - I know
B - that’s always been an issue
C - also, always been an issue
D - FAQ’s do not give all of the answers


What central scene support? Which devices? Are you sure?

They didn’t do much with it, but you can add devices that have central scene support and the DTH can convert it to button presses, making the device look like a button controller. It’s been done for the Popp controllers and the homeseer switches and some others.

You mean custom dth or built-in?

If you are stating that with custom code you can support central scene, in this respect almost all zwave and zigbee functionality can be added using a custom dth

But I cannot understand why SmartThings has not added built-in support for at least one brand of zwave plus dimmer!

Ge double tab? Or homeseer multi-tab? Or inovelli? Or whatever, none!

I can’t speak for them, but there are at least a half dozen on the official compatibility list:





Plus the micro dimmers, like the Aeotec nano dimmer and the Fibaro two, which should be using the same command sets.


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Yes, the light switches work for dimming and on/off, but double tab, multi-tab, NOT when using built-In dth.