Support woes

I really like the concept and the product… when it works… and when i get the normal support…
got an issue with motion sensor stuck in motion mode, at least in the app… and i cant disable the security, even if it states that alarm is disabled, every time i pass by any other motion sensor that still work, it triggers the alarm…
when i tried to reach support: chat is barely available, so i sent an email, some dude responded a week and a half later, saying sorry for delay… i responded, never heard from him and its been 3 weeks.

this is turning into a freaking disgrace… its not really performing the functions it is supposed to…
like another poster said, get your act together

Honestly, at this point I’m wishing I would have returned my ST hub when I had the chance. :confused:

All of these issues don’t creep up until you start building up your device counts and really starting to automate. It works flawlessly if all you have is a switch or two and a couple contact sensors. The instant you start adding motion sensors, dimmers and sirens things start breaking as you begin to integrate them.

Based on the lack of responses from support, no recent platform fixes and current Samsung announcements it’s starting to feel like the SmartThings Hub is a non-directional device that they’re not planning to invest any more resources into.

In all fairness the end of the year represent a development moratorium for most technology companies. That said, I’m waiting to see what happens over the next month or so. If no progress I’ll cut my losses stick the hub out on E-Bay or Craigslist.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying out Indigo. It’s another platform that seems to be fairly robust.

Have you tried removing and re-adding the sensor. It may have not paired correctly. It may he bad, it may have a dead battery, or you may not have good signal where it is installed, or it may be relaying through a wired device that is offline.

agreed, there is usually a freeze, but that would be more for banks, airlines etc. smartthings hardly qualifies for any of that.
pretty much we are left in the dark with no support at all

i think the issue is with the hub, it would be not reporting, it would be grayed out. i have other devices that are further then the sensor that working just fine…
what a dissapointment of a product…

I would think production of any kind that relies on humans who prefer to take vacations around the holidays would significantly slow down or stop due to reduced resources.

To your point, SmartThings hardly qualifies as mission critical so removing a few development cycles wouldn’t be out of the question. This is evidenced by the fact that there were posts complaining about the auto responses from support over Christmas and New Year.

I’m trying really hard to be objective. :wink:

usually production freeze is not to allow people to go on vacation, but to make sure introducing new build does not affect stability/availability of the system during critical times (holidays/sales etc).
if they dont have enough staff it indicates a more critical issue with the whole support structure…

I am in the same boat as you. All of my (8x Ge Link) Zigbee bulbs stopped working on or around 23/Dec. I opened a second support case as I have had trouble getting any traction on the first case. Same kind of deal where I received the apology for the backlog, the promise to look into it, and then the silence.

Ge bulbs are not officially suported devices. You are better off, resetting them (flip switch on/off every 3 seconds until the bulb dims down and up - and then just go in app and click add new device. They should work again). That’s what support would advise you, anyway.

SBDOBRESCU, thanks for the advice. The GE Link devices still show up in Smartthings, but they just stopped working, i.e. no response to on/off events even though the ST app acts like everything is normal. Would I need to go through some kind of removal/exclusion process before doing what you suggested? Just seems strange all 8 bulbs would stop working at the same time.

@Greg_smarthub n o additional steps needed. Just reset and click add, they should reattach to your network. Is not uncommon these days that all 8 got knocked out.