Samsung has ruined Smarttings

I recently got a support response to something I asked 3 months ago. Here is my reply:


Your response took way too long. Glad you are now owned by Smartthings which, at first, I thought would be a good thing. Unfortunately, it has been very bad.

First, look at how long it took to get a response from support on a fairly important issue. It took almost 3 months. So long, in fact, that I’d actually forgotten that I’d asked the question.

In the interim I’ve migrated my entire system to Hubitat. (90 devices and 10 days of effort). I did that for the exact reason that your, way late, response indicates; SmartThings no longer cares about the people, like me, that got them to the point that Samsung thought them worthwhile to buy.

I was with SmartThings from the very beginning. I designed my whole home automation system on SmartThings and you let me down and, I’m sure, a great number of other users.

Your time is coming to a close. Other companies are taking your place and Samsung won’t be able to sell more appliances because they’re connected to SmartThings as it has a limited shelf life now.

If you’re a recent history buff have a look at Logitech. They beat Sonos to the punch with a fabulous product called Squeezebox, but they didn’t support it and, eventually, pulled the plug. Months later Sonos launched and look at them now. Logitech also had a great camera setup but, again, they didn’t see the value. Now Nest controls that market.

If you would like to comment on anything I’ve said please feel free to reply. Or, better yet, have someone in a senior position get his head out of his (you know where) and respond to me directly.

Thanks and stay safe.