Hub goes active and inactive

This morning my hub started to bounce between active and inactive states. Android app is not responsive. I can’t control any of the devices or scenes, although I can see the states of the devices. Very strange behavior for the last 30 mins. IDE Event List shows constant change between states and weird register event every 5 minutes. I rebooted hub once but no effect.

Edit: This loop lasted about an hour. Now everything seems to work.

Anyone else having problems?

Any chance your internet was having issues?

The phone company’s optical network terminal that connects their fiber to my Ethernet was slowly dying.

It would drop off for 5 to 10 minute intervals over an hour, then be fine for anything from a day to a week. Gave SmartThings fits.

It finally got bad enough that it died while I was talking to a service rep and they replaced the ONT.

I don’t thinks so. My connection otherwise has no problems. I think this was related to some of the Edge drivers I’ve been experimenting with. I deleted some of them and now it’s beemnstable for few hours. Just my quess though.

Since the new version release last week, I am having similar issues. For many of my devices (plugs and light switches), I can see the status. But, I cannot control the device–turn it on and off. I have deleted and reloaded the app. And also unplugged my hub for 30 minutes to allow it to reset. Those two solutions fixed things back in 2021, during the last upgrade, but are not working this time. Is anyone else having “control” issues like me?

A reasonable guess. Concerns for that have kept me from playing in the beta space.

I’ve been using Edge drivers since last August when they first were announced. I’ve not had before problems this big. All has been running pretty smoothly so far. Knocking wood.

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I’ve seen this too. I’m too impatient to wait it out, but rebooting to get it out of this cycle requires cutting/restoring power to the hub.

I shut down hub for 30mins. That helped.

Have you seen it happen again? I’ve just been doing 5 seconds unplugged, which brings it back up but then I get this again after a couple days. Last time this happened I was able to get a logcat window running and everything was just running incredibly sluggish.


I heard about it long ago, but I don’t know what could be happening now.
Please, contact SmartThings Customer Support, they should have more information.
It can be done by following these steps:

  1. Enter this page
  2. Click on “Support” in the upper-right corner
  3. Check if the URL includes your region. For example, en-us here:
  4. At the bottom, select “email” and describe your issue as detailed as possible.
  5. Click on “submit”

This loop happened to me again few minutes ago. Right before this happened I was creating and deleting several virtual devices in quick succession. Last time this loop happened I was doing exactly the same thing. Could creating and deleting virtual devices mess up hub some how? Especially when done dozen times in short period of time? In this case about ten new devices and deleting them. Last time shutting down hub for 30mins helped.

Support instructions were to disconnect power and Ethernet for a few minutes, plus try a new Ethernet cable. Guess I’ll see what happens in a couple days.

My best guess is that this is happening when the hub gets overtaxed. I’ve seen it coincide with when driver updates get pushed to my hub, though that’s not always the case. Your experience just now definitely fall in line with that idea.

Few minutes of shutdown fixed my problem. I just need to keep it slow and low with the virtual devices.

Or… If you have a repeatable way of triggering this issue then it might be worthwhile to do it again with logs running.

MAybe I should log Edge drivers that I’m using at that moment too?

My hub was back at it tonight. It coincided with a driver update from another dev being installed (automatically, not through CLI), so I’m pretty certain that was the cause.

2022-06-16T21:47:05 - Timestamp on the new version of the driver
2022-06-16T22:03:20 - Hub event - disconnected (begins cycling offline/online)
2022-06-16T22:10:19 - Hub event - HubUpdated (presumably indicating the driver install)
2022-06-16T23:24:49 - Hub stops cycling and remains online. Querying installed drivers shows the driver in question has the new timestamp. Logcat connects, and logs are going absolutely crazy, processing the backlog from the past hour. The commands below are usually generated by the device several (I think about 5) seconds apart:

2022-06-16T23:28:12.191489442+00:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink  RX < %00,02,1C08,08,00,****DISARMED****  Ready to Arm  $
2022-06-16T23:28:12.231722215+00:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink  RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,****DISARMED****  Ready to Arm  $
2022-06-16T23:28:12.286172427+00:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink  RX < %00,02,1C08,08,00,****DISARMED****  Ready to Arm  $
2022-06-16T23:28:12.327514421+00:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink  RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,****DISARMED****  Ready to Arm  $

2022-06-16T23:35:03 - Hub event - disconnected (begins cycling offline/online). Logcat remains connected, but processing slows to a crawl. Same device for comparison, now showing at 15s intervals:

2022-06-16T23:59:30.385576465+00:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink  RX < %00,02,1C08,08,00,****DISARMED****  Ready to Arm  $
2022-06-16T23:59:44.024288471+00:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink  RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,****DISARMED****  Ready to Arm  $
2022-06-17T00:00:05.042289481+00:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink  RX < %00,02,1C08,08,00,****DISARMED****  Ready to Arm  $

@nayelyz Was there any resolution to this issue which seems related?

Thanks for the info, @philh30.
I’m checking the status with the team and I already shared the new information you provided. This behavior certainly is strange so it needs further analysis. I’ll let you know in case we need more info.

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Linking this here in case it’s related. Looks similar to what I saw with the the rapid processing of a backlog (though just one driver instead of everything).

This is similar what I’ve experienced. And every time it has been either virtual devices or LAN devices that has caused it.

Mine just started doing this last night. Very odd.