Hub disconnected w/ green light

This is a first for me. My hub reported that it was disconnected, and when I told my echo to turn on a set of lights, it said they were unresponsive. However, my echo worked, so my internet was active. When I checked my hub, the light was green, so it thought it was connected. Has anyone ever seen this? First time that I know of that it’s happened, so it may just be one of those things.

Same for me. SmartThings app says the hub is offline and yet the hub’s light is green. Devices appear offline, obviously.

Some of us are starting to see a few devices get automatically migrated from DTH to Edge. And there seems to be a hub disconnected event in roughly the same timeframe.

It might be related. Or it might not.

If your app reports hub disconnected, think about waiting it out. My V2 hub was disconnected for about 30 minutes. YMMV

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Good to know. I hadn’t considered that. Thanks for the info!

Me too…