Hub activity: "Hub has disconnected" "register"

(Chrisb) #1


Hope someone else may have run into this problem in the past and knows what to do. I have an older hub from much earlier that I never setup. I’m trying now to get it up and running at my parents house. I have able to register the hub with the account I created for them, but the hub is acting odd. I can’t connect any things with it.

When I log into the IDE, pull up the hub and look at events I see a continuous list of events that change between “register” and then “Hub has disconnected.” It looks like the Hub is trying to register (connect?) with the SmartThings cloud, but then about two minutes later will “disconnect.” 30 seconds after that, it goes back to the “register” state. Just a continuous loop like this for hours and hours and hours.

I have contacted support, but being the weekend I don’t expect a reply anytime too soon. Anyone run into something like this? And ideas?

(Matt) #2

Any type of content filtering on your parents internet? Do you have a way to view inbound and outbound traffic or maybe a firewall log?

(Chrisb) #3

Nope, nothing filtering anything. And I actually have it right now on my network… same place I have my hub, which works great.

When I’m in the mobile app I get messages saying connected/disconnected/connected/etc… so there does seem to be some level of connect.

(Matt) #4

My best guess would be a ST issue or maybe a hardware issue.