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Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

( - Make your home your butler!) #437

Elimination, remove all your SA’s and then add them on one a day is what einars did. Painful process.

(Mike Maxwell) #438

There is no way in effin hell I’m going to do that.
With over 200 devices and 110 SA’s it’s never going to happen…

(Wayne) #439

…I dread the day my hub dies as there’s no migration or restore process still.

(Mike Maxwell) #440

Yea, I already did this when I got my V2 hub, that took two days, and I had half the stuff I have now…

(EinarS) #441

Another one i got last night was this one, never seen that before:

HUB, zwStatus, ready, Z-Wave is ready

HUB, zwStatus, power cycle, Z-Wave power cycle started

HUB,Err 120: Z-Wave send timed out, Err 120: Z-Wave send timed out

(Aaron S) #442

A couple updates:

  1. I changed the title of this thread to reflect we released Hub firmware version 16.9.
  2. We have identified two unique Zigbee issues with the update:
    2a. Some Zigbee devices will not connect until the Hub is power cycled for 5-10 minutes.
    2b. Some Zigbee mesh network maps did not fully migrate with the update.
    2c. Sensor OTA updates take longer than expected and cause false-positive events.

Note, these are both edge-cases and may not be what is actually affecting you. If you think are are experiencing this issue, please try power cycling your Hub or disabling the OTA feature.

Motion sensors driving me mad!
Lights Randomly Turn On
Zigbee device issue
Zigbee relays not responding
Lights Randomly Turn On
Lots of false motion alerts from ST motion sensors
*Need Advice* -- Just getting started
( - Make your home your butler!) #443

Like a broken record, I don’t understand why ST calls it a community platform when they don’t test their firmware and mobile releases on the popular community apps before releasing it. Whenever anyone contacts support their only answer is it’s a community app and not a stock ST app so we can’t debug or look into it. So why the heck do they publish API’s and claim to have a community developed apps platform when they don’t want to test their releases against it?

(Mike Maxwell) #444

So you’re saying (definitively) that hub reboots are being caused by custom code (SA/DTH) ?, or is this just what you suspect at this point…

( - Make your home your butler!) #445

Strong suspicion as when all the apps are uninstalled it doesn’t reboot and when reinstalled it reboots (ofcourse event driven reboots). I suspect it’s a SA as the reboots happen with stock DH’s also. Anyways ST support has been made aware of this but since it’s was only one user I aware of, I was interested when you also said that it rebooted.


Same here, my hub goes offline once a day since the update.

(Joe) #447

TLDR; I skimmed through the new bugs on this update, and found mostly zigbee related. I would like to include a new Z-wave issue as well.

  1. Z-wave replace no longer functions, just spins. Work around is force delete via IDE, zwave general exclude, disable and enable z-wave radio, then add device and re associate to all smart apps.
  2. Z-wave force remove no longer functions. Workaround is IDE remove (“delete”).
  3. Adding a new Z-wave device after a force delete disables or locks up the z-wave module. 908.4mhz stops transmitting all together. workaround is to disable and enable Z-wave module from the IDE to get it to start transmitting again.

Please don’t tell me this is specific to my hub, I’m already on my 4th smartthings hub in a little over 1 year on this platform. I have done the cold boot multiple times, until I discovered the disable/enable z-wave module work around.

(Joe) #448

Not sure if this is the same. I lost a zwave switch after the update. Didn’t know until last night. Have to many I guess. I was able to get it to rejoin just the normal way.

(Scott) #449

My hub updated to 16.9 and seems to be working fine. It did reboot a bunch of times later that night, and seems to reboot once a day since, but I never really looked that close at the logs to see if rebooting once a day was normal for it.

Now the question is, do I enable ZigBee OTA Updates?
I have 4 ST Multi Sensors, 3 ST Arrival/Presence Sensors, 1 ST Moisture Sensor, 5 Iris Smart Plugs, 1 Iris Smart Button, 1 Lightify RGBW Bulb, and 1 Lightify Dimmable Bulb. The Lightify bulbs are connected directly to ST.

(Joe) #450

It will only update the smartthings ones. Not the others. And the multi sensors and motion I believe are the only ones that have an update.

(Bob) #451

Whilst on the z-wave topic, does anyone get their z-wave repair to actually complete.
When I click on Repair Z-Wave Network and then Start Z-Wave Network Repair all I get is:-
The notorious spinning blue circle
Z-Wave Network Repair started and the blue spinning circle.
I never get a completion message so I have no idea if it actually does anything or not.

When I try from the ide I get the following.

Anyone else getting this?

(Michael Hess) #452

The app has pretty much never reported ANYTHING for me, I do get success with the IDE, sometimes have to run it more than once, but since I removed my IRIS Plug z-wave repeaters this issue has gone away as well.

(Scott) #453

I’ve always got this when using the app. No actual feedback when it finishes.
Doing it through the IDE is much better.

(Mike Maxwell) #454

The only failures that I see in the IDE are for a joined, but off line devices…

(Eric) #455

Your z-wave repair finished, you just have 3 devices that failed. Can you check if they exist anymore? If they do exist, are they powered? If they don’t exist there is a way to get rid of them, I can’t remember what it is, but @JDRoberts pointed me in the right direction about 6 months ago.

(Bob) #456

Thanks for the reply.
I just realised what was inside the brackets meant.
I have no device with a Network ID of 1D.
I think it was a Fibaro Dimmer that I now have as a spare and not integrated. (Well thats all I can think of anyway).