All zigbee not responding

About 930 cnt last night all my ZigBee Devices stopped responding., outlets, sensors, directly attached hue strips, vents. I have already removed the batteries and unplugged my hub for 30 mins but nothing change. I emailed support, and once chat opens I will reach out to them. but any other ideas?
up until last night I have not had many ZigBee issues, except for the occasional sensor needing to be reset.

Check your zigbee in IDE to see if your zigbee radio is OK. It’s under hub.

yep it looks good, I have tried toggling ota… but that did not make a differences. did not think it would but was just trying anything at this point.

OTA is a firmware update for zigbee devices and it is pretty new. You can read it here.

While you are still waiting for support. You have green led at your hub and you could see all your devices on the ST app? Maybe remove and reinsert the battery for one zigbee device and hit Config. In the ST app while looking at the IDE log and have to look to see if it’s having any event.

I’m experiencing Zigbee issues as well and already e-mailed support. Will update if they come up with anything.

Sounded like we could have ST backend issue.

Take a look at this thread and see if your symptoms match the discussion there.
We’ve been having trouble for weeks with Switches (any action that requires the cloud). Please look for the 2 tickets in that thread and call and ask yourself to be put on them. So far ST has been good to work with (as in “polite”) at Tier 1, but they are not acting like this is a real outage affecting people. SMH…

Sounds different then mine. Reboots don’t have an effect. It’s like my zigbee radio is just not working

support was able to get me going … i have to hard reset each device while having smarthings search for new deivices. and thats bring them back.

bummer is i think i have to go buy a remote to reset my hue light strips.

If you have Hue lights connected directly to ST hub. You don’t have to reset the bulb. Just remove the bulb from ST and do a search again. It will add the bulb back. That’s how I did it with my lights.

Edit : forgot to mention. Sometime you need it close to the hub for discovery.

I am trying to not remove them because I don’t want to reset all the automation. So far all the devices I have hard reset, while on the discover screen have come back to life

Totally understand what you are trying to do. I do this with ST quite often so I create virtual devices and put them in the automation with my hue bulbs so when I have to re-add a bulb. I just remove the bulb from that automation and leave the virtual device. If you are going to buy the remote. Let me know if it’s easier and I will buy one as well.

Ok, thanks! Sorry - didn’t mean to muddy the water. I saw below that support was able to get you going - consider yourself lucky! :slight_smile: