Lights Randomly Turn On

Can anyone else confirm that this is a Power fluctuation problem?

I have several Sengled Element Touch Bulbs that will randomly energize to their previous levels. The family has kind of gotten used to it but the house guests found it to be frustrating if not terrifying in the middle of the night. I have had to remove them from the kids room.

The only way I can assume its the power is that by toggling the power to the bulb seems to produce the same results. However, without monitoring the power quality to the house I have no way of concluding its a utility problem or ST.

This didn’t seem to be happening several months ago which leads me to believe its the ST hub, but then again the power feed has too many variables for me to draw any conclusions (Neighborhood loads/ usage, New devices in the house, harmonics etc)

Ahhh I’m at a loss!! Should I ditch these bulbs that for ones that can handle the voltage fluctuations? Is there anything documented about this problem?

Hey guys, any response from the ST folks on this? I’m experiencing random lights coming on, and sometimes even the motion sensor is triggering even though we know for sure it wasn’t supposed to, so it’s kind of creepy, annoying, and pretty frustrating all at the same time. Any ideas what’s going on? Thanks!

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Figured I would chime in here. Just recently one of my LED strips keeps turning itself on randomly throughout the day. Nothing showing in the logs that is triggering it, just changes from Off to On.

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I’ve had this happen twice in the last week now. I’ve now set a core rule up to turn it off if the light status changes between 12am and 6am, so hopefully it will put them back to sleep before they wake me up in future…

Weird issue here as well. Two days in a row, some of my hue lights (not all) turned on by itself. I did notice that my Good Morning routine (based on things start happening between 5:00 AM thru 8:30 AM) based on motion sensor in the hallway which changes mode from Night to Home triggered twice for some reason. Had worked flawlessly for more than 18 months or so.

Out of curiosity, i selected run once yesterday. The routine did trigger once this morning but some of the lights did turn on again of it own. Hmmm.

As I write this, I am getting false motion alert in the hallway. SHM is disarmed.

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If it’s just in the last few days and these are zigbee devices, it could be related to the Recent update.

Definitely contact support.

Thanks @JDRoberts, this behavior did start just in the last few days, so I’ll power-cycle my hub, and monitor my devices again. BTW, the OTA update seems to be disabled by default. Thanks!

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Because this is zigbee, when you power cycle, leave the hub off of power for about 20 minutes (including removing any batteries). That will force a resynch.

Ok, got it. I’ll leave the hub disconnected, with batteries removed for the next half hour. I’ll report back my observation later in the week, and will let you know if the issue persists. Thanks!

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Interesting, my issue is with a zigbee device. I will try power cycling my hub tonight. I tried removing and readding the device last night but this did not fix the issue.

Just reporting back on this: I tried to power-cycle the hub, including removing the batteries, and let it sit for 30 minutes before plugging them all back, and that did not help at all. This morning one of my lights, came on automatically, so the issue still persists.

BTW, I also wanted to mention that the bulbs that’re turning on are random bulbs, and not the same one everytime, and another thing I’d like to mention is that I had an electrician friend of mine do a random check on fluctuations, and he said that he couldn’t find anything abnormal, so just to make sure since some folks have been indicating that electrical could be another problem, but apparently not.

Some additional observation since my last update:

  1. Some of my bulbs are randomly getting stuck in ON mode, and trying to switch them OFF does not work, either from ST app, or even Alexa.

  2. One of my multi-purpose sensors’ status was rapid going between open/close modes while I was watching it on the ST app, and then I had to manually open/close the door to stop that.

These last couple weeks has definitely been the worst experience with my system, and hope somebody from ST can tell us what the heck is going on? Please? :sob:

If these are zigbee devices, they know what’s going on, which is that the last firmware update to the hub broke some stuff for some people. There’s no fix yet, but support is aware of it.

It’s being tracked in the following thread:

Thanks @JDRoberts, if that’s the case then I guess it warrants an incident that should be reported at, and will also reduce noise on the forums, and more folks that’ll be impacted with this can track the resolution by subscribing to the incident.

IMHO, to me this is an outage, because my system does not seem to be working as it should, caused by the wrong states reported by the things in the network.

This issue was first logged a year ago. While during the course of the year many folks have reported having the same issue, there looks to be no resolve or reply from support of any kind. Is that correct? Or are folks being contacted from support and not posting how things were resolved?

It’s a symptom which has been caused by multiple issues over that time. Some have been resolved, some of the more recent ones, like the recent zigbee firmware update mentioned a couple of posts up, are still open.


I’ve experienced the exact same issue. I purchased the SmartThings with the home lighting package that comes with 2 OSRAM Lightify LEDs. One of the lights is in my daughters bedroom and has turned on at random points in the day without any effort on our end. I’ve notified ST, but no resolution as of yet. Could this be a security issue? Is it possible someone is controlling my light? I may just disconnect until we can resolve this.

The light bulbs will default to On in the event of a power outage or flicker. A couple of our staff have witnessed this occur with voltage fluctuations (ie. the circuit is never broken/power doesn’t flicker) - it’s hard to pin down, but might be due to an old (or poor) wiring connection somewhere… or the blow dryer/flat iron/washing machine/TV causing a spike/dip in the draw.

Is there anyway to modify this to not default to On in case of a disconnect? Seems many users have seeing problems.

Also, add another VERY frustrated user to list. 2 of the past 3 very early mornings my bedside light (SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY) has turned itself on, last night was at 1:19 AM and the previous was at 3:45 AM or so, not cool.

I have attached a screenshot of my logs from this morning (removed the pings for readability). My hub is powered on a dedicated circuit (detached garage with it’s own internet source) so there really no reason why the hub is disconnecting on it’s own. I also thought it had a battery backup to help with power loss.

I just installed my home monitoring kit and am strongly considering returning and looking for a different device because this is crazy.

Hue lights randomly coming on