"Firmware Update" capability

What is this “Firmware Update” capability? It isn’t documented in the new developer portal. Can we use it in our own DTH?

Other systems calls it OTA. It usually gives an indication that the device’s firmware can be updated OTA. It should be a valid option if the device supports the OTA update cluster.

But this device has received OTA updates in the past without this capability :thinking:

You know, new platform structure, new perks…

I guess, that you need a representation in the new structure to know which device can receive an OTA firmware.

It would be nice if we could do it through the app, but I guess that is something what’s never ever going to happen. (Just imagine the screwed up updates by users…, Samsung was not built for that support. - Try to reset your hub, GAME OVER!)

The developer portal’s documentation should not be used for any reference. It is incomplete. I have highlighted it in 2019 when the new Sonos Websocket integration came out. It hasn’t been updated since then.

It is missing the Audio Notification, Image Capture, etc. capabilities. Shame that the documentation is incomplete for so long. But meanwhile new features added to the app release by release, which are not working as well.

A bit off topic regarding not working:

-Android Auto doesn’t show any Scenes.
-The app couldn’t show the weather widget 20 minutes ago
-Google responded to the “turn all the lights off” command with a SmartThings is unavailable right now answer, meanwhile it has turned off some lights.

@orangebucket - do you have similar experience this morning?

Looks to me like hub connected devices have historically had a lot of data tucked away and they are trying to expose it more consistently. The Signal Strength capability is arguably a similar thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is, or will be, a capability to expose the mesh routing too.

To add to the above, this sort of information is useful to other integrations too. There is no reason why a Firmware Update has to be unique to hub connected devices.

We just have to be careful not to assume that all available capabilities are general purpose, as it were. They may be externalising internal functionality.


I’m not noticing anything unusual but then I actually have very light touch automation in my home so I probably wouldn’t unless it was really severe.

With Mrs Google, as we call her when she is actually behaving herself, mentioning lights is always an adventure. She is so much happier when you say ‘turn off/on something’ rather than ‘turn something on/off’, but unfortunately we find the latter more natural. She isn’t complaining though, just going about her normal business of doing something unexpected.

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