Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.17

Got my update today so far so good :+1:t6:

IDE shows hub Inactive, Mobile App says hub offline… And weird enough all the devices on IDE are online and active and on the mobile app, they are all unavailable. Huh?

Lol, community members never wait. We always make things worse before reaching out which makes it impossible for support to figure out / troubleshoot what the original issue was that caused our problem in the first place. That’s how we roll. Read the manuals after we pigeon hole ourselves. Just sayin’ :grin:


Totally agree. If all else fails read the instructions. :):grin:

Leave it alone Ron. This might be happening to others as well as it is early. See if they can force another upgrade or recommended approach to get you out of your bottleneck.

We’re you playing in ST at all during the time that it began upgrading or totally hands off?

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Well if everything’s working, you’re OK for now. You should let support know though so they can track problems.

Don’t think he said it was working.

@smart - From the client side, did you try clearing the cache and force stopping the app just to see if the mobile app refreshes to what it shows in IDE with respect to the devices being Online?

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My hub’s uptime has been stuck at 35 seconds on the api website since the update. Everything appears to be working, though.


Mine has updated, but i have been having a few issues with error message popping up and it saying something went wrong everytime I open my devices screen. Hoping that it will settle as havnt changed anything today apart from firmware.

So it doesn’t really have anything to do with the DH as such then. The devices are now fixed in the firmware hence why they can run?
Is it not possible to hold selected DH in a stored memory for local processing rather than only ones in the firmware?

The problem is certain devices just don’t work fully with the stock DH ie fibaro multiple input devices like the universal binary device, so will that just mean it will never have a chance to run locally?

Same here. 33 seconds. Doesn’t seem to be a problem.

O yeah me too I’m stuck on 30s

@borristhecat @johnahesch read my post above

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I am seeing no change in latency with my Hue Lights however I am using PICO switches and a Raspberry Pi and the Lutron Pro Smart App. My latency is about 1 second before the update and exactly the same after the update.

Looks like the hub was stuck at orange light and not the blue trying to reach the network or solid green. Unplugged Ethernet, removed batteries, inserted batteries back and network cable and I am back in business with everything working and most of the devices local and working as expected. And on the latest version.


I’m using a SmartThings Link for NVIDIA Shield. No update yet. My shard is login is graph-na04-useast2.

Is the ST Link for Shield using different firmware than the Hub v2?

Doing that for past 3 plus years now. :wink:

This release is hub v2 only.

Stuck at 33 seconds, also, but everything seems OK, otherwise.

35 seconds here…