Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

We are getting ready to launch some new Hub features and would love for community members to be among the first to experience them. This update includes:

  • Additional devices updates for OSRAM lights (US only)
  • Early warning tools to predict and diagnose Hub failures
  • Mechanism to receive other new features (e.g., device updates) early
  • Numerous stability and reliability improvements

The update will typically take 15-30 minutes, but might take longer in a few instances. Since this is an early release, there is a chance that not everything will be perfect, and we would appreciate your help by providing us feedback.

The sign up period to participate in the 17.x Beta is now closed but please keep a look out for future Beta tests!

Note - if you participated in the 16.x Beta, you can fill out this form to participate. We will also reach out to you separately to see if you want to continue opting in to updates


Yes, more stability is always good!

Any chance for UK user to participate?

I’m in! Stability and reliability improvements is key for me!

Anyone can participate! That said, the specific firmware updates the Osram bulbs are US only, but everything else is global

I’m in! I love living on the edge!

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@Aaron - can you explain this a bit more?

Does DTH matter for this? If I’m using customs, do I need to revert?

What updates to the Osram bulbs would be forthcoming? Will it also include updates to the Osram gardenspot bulbs? I know that the most recent hub update added OTA to the Osram bulbs

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I’ve updated OSRAM firmware using the GE Light Link DTH so I’m guessing no, it does not matter.

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But a custom GE link DTH or the one from ST?

It is not custom, but it is not the standard DTH that is normally used with the OSRAM bulbs. Because of that I’m assuming any DTH would work. Obviously I can’t say for sure. The OTA updates seem to work outside the DTH. They automatically start on a ZigBee join/rejoin if issued as that kicks off a firmware check.

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No Bluetooth support then??


For now, this is a behind the scenes change in order to give the SmartThings engineering team a better picture of where hubs are at in terms of flash wear. The information that will be reported is low-level, may not be available on all hubs (depending on the specific variant of the eMMC chip populated), and will not be displayed to users.


Yes, the ZigBee OTA mechanism works at a lower level than the DTH, so having a self-published or custom DTH should not impact your ability to perform an OTA on devices where there is an OTA update available (and you have enabled OTA).


Given the instability I’ve seen since the December update, I’m all for doing anything I can to make the system stable again. I’m in.

People need to keep in mind this is BETA firmware. In all possibility, you could see LESS stability with your hub, if you opt-in to run this BETA firmware, you should always go in expecting the absolute worse.

I’m signed up and if I lose my entire configuration and have to re connect all my devices, then so be it. That’s what you’re agreeing too when you sign up for beta stuff.


I’m in…

It’s about time to do spring cleaning anyway isn’t it? Nothing motivates to rebuild & reorganize better than a complete meltdown.


I’ve got 2 outbuildings with g1 hubs… I have g2 hubs (purchased on holiday discount) in my office waiting to be installed. I’m just waiting until the motivation hits me to jump on the ladder and switch them out. Lots of manual exclude and re-including to do.

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please please please let it be native color loop support!!!