Hub Firmware Release Notes - 20.17


  • 0.20.17

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Notes

  • Support for local execution of the following Device Type Handlers:
    • Aeon Multisensor 6
    • Z-Wave Plus Door/window sensors
  • Process additional messages for existing locally executing devices on the hub
  • Improve hub crash reporting
  • Significant performance improvements for CPU-bound workloads
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix discovery of some Samsung Digital Appliances
    • Fix corruption of certain Zigbee messages
    • Fix Z-Wave secure communication after failed secure inclusion
    • Fix Z-Wave secure communication on networks with Node ID 0xE8
    • Fix crash caused by some mDNS answers
    • Fix memory leak in local Hue integration

Release Date

  • Thursday February 1

NOTE: The email you received said the version would be 0.20.16, due to a minor bug-fix we will be releasing 0.20.17 to everyone instead.


Aeon Multi 6 local. YAY!


What does this mean?

Previously there were some events that we didn’t process locally even though the device ran locally. Specifically these were events that couldn’t trigger local automations. A good example is humidity events which, even though the device ran locally, were processed in the cloud. That processing has now been moved to the hub. Since these events can’t trigger any local automations currently, from a users perspective, not a lot should change. But this does open more opportunities in the future for local automation, and reduces the load in the cloud, as we no longer need to process those messages.


Is the ability to update the Z-Wave radio firmware included in this release? If so, how do you get the Z-Wave radio firmware updated once 20.16 is installed?

This Beta is essentially 2 Betas (maybe more) in one. The overall Firmware Beta (ie: 20.16) and then the Z-Wave piece is a separate Beta within. ST has determined which people in the Beta get the additional firmware upgrade. If your Z-Wave Protocol version is 3.83 then you are not part of the second piece of the Beta.

Zach did this fix the Smart Lock local processing/cloud device handler bug reported below?

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The subject of this announcement implies that it is not a beta and this is the general release. I’m not part of the beta, but from what I can tell there is an update to allow the Z-Wave radio firmware to be upgraded and then an option to actually update the radio firmware. Assuming the ability to update the Z-Wave radio is included in this release, will there just be a general rollout of Z-Wave radio firmware to everyone?

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We will update the firmware on the Z-Wave radios for everyone in 21.X release.


I hope this time it works. I specifically bought high-end Samsung washer and dryer for connectivity with SmartThings and they will not connect.

My high end Samsung dryer died, they refunded me because they are built so bad. Washer is working so far. They don’t use bearings, but bushings, on rollers and tensioners. Very crappy equipment. I wish you good luck!

P.S. I fixed the dryer for 30 bucks in bearings… Turned out to be a real cheap dryer. :wink:


LOL just received two emails from ST informing me of the hub firmware update :slight_smile:

I really wish Smartthings would release an update to fix the connectivity issue with my Samsung smart tv. It used to connect until a firmware update killed that. I’m sick of waiting on the other side of Samsung to fix it, maybe you guys can fix the problem. It’s infuriating to have bought a 1,200.00 tv because it would connect to smart things and then the manufacturer not only Eff it up, but not give a shit about fixing it. It’s been 5 months and 3 tv updates later and still nothing.


Sorry about that. A few users in NA01 received double the notification. You can tell people you’re getting the 40.32 hub firmware update…


I see what you did there.

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It has been a frustrating situation but there is a compatible integration with SmartThings via Samsung account. Your Samsung account would need to be associated with your SmartThings but if you sign into your TV with that same Samsung account, the TV will show up in SmartThings.


There has not been a response to this. Has this issue been fixed in this release?

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How do you block this firmware update?
Last update took 30+ ZigBee devices offline for 10 days and SmartThings did NOTHING to fix it.
Still have 3 devices that no longer work because of the BS updates.

When will update Samsung home connect (pro) ST firmware because it still

Which lock models is this impacting?