Hub Firmware Beta Group, get ready to migrate!

They’ve posted some new items on the coming soon list:

  • Eaton Accessory Dimmer DTH devices will be migrated to the Z-Wave Switch driver.
  • ZigBee RGB Bulb DTH devices will be migrated to the Zigbee Switch driver.
  • Z-Wave Switch Secure DTH devices will be migrated to the Z-Wave Switch driver.

Zigbee RGB bulb and Z-wave switch secure could be a pretty big batch of devices! Exciting!

@alissa.dornbos About a day ago I had all my GE zigbee in-wall switches and Sengled bulbs converted to Edge drivers via this beta. I think it was around 80 devices that converted. All went well except 1 switch that’s now offline and flooding the hub with RAW zigbee events. I believe the switches were using the zigbee switch power DTH and the bulbs were using the zigbee switch DTH from ST. Rebooting the hub did not resolve the offline switch, so as soon as I get home I’ll see what’s up. Just for fun I’m going to “scan for new devices” to see if that device will rejoin, but I’m not optimistic.

EDIT. I also had my GE outlets convert to Edge.

EDIT. Another switch dropped. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come…

EDIT. Well, 2 more devices dropped, both are light sensors using ST’s Edge driver called “zigbee illuminance sensor”. @alissa.dornbos I’m not liking where this is going. When I get home I’ll submit a bug report.

EDIT. The illuminance sensors came back online after I turned on a light switch and they went from 0lux to anything but 0.

EDIT. Both illuminance sensors are now offline again after 30 minutes of a 0lux reading.

FYI @nayelyz

EDIT again. Got the two switches back online, but the two illuminance sensors went offline when lux went to 0. As soon as some lights came on the sensors came back online.

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Hey @johnconstantelo Thank you for letting us know and reaching out to @nayelyz too! We will take a look at reach out again if we have more questions.


Timing is perfect! I just edited my post with another update. I’ll update Centercode too.

This sounds like a health check issue with the driver. The allowed time without a message sent the hub seems too short.

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I agree. All my motion and contact sensors have been doing this on Edge since day one. Several months now …

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I am in the Hub beta firmware group.

Anyone have an issue where a device will not convert to Edge?

I have a Inovelli Dimmer that is covered by the Z-Wave Switch Edge driver, when I change the DTH to Z-Wave Switch Secure in the IDE, for some reason this device just does not get converted to an Edge driver.

I have confirmed that the Inovelli Dimmer is in the fingerprints for the Z-Watch Switch Edge driver:

mfr:031E prod:0001 model:0001

This has been a non-issue with other devices where I did something similar, specifically, I did this with GE Jasco switches that were using a custom DTH, I converted them to the stock Z-Wave Switch driver in the IDE and almost instantly they were converted over the Edge driver.

Now I just need the default Z-Wave Switch driver to add Jasco parameters…coming soon per the Github pull request. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Skates! @JDRoberts is right in this post.
When working with Edge drivers, you must not use the IDE, the values you see that can be selected in the list of “Device type” are DTH, drivers show “placeholder” instead.

To check if your device is using a driver (at a glance), you need to:

  1. Enter the device’s details
  2. Select “menu” (three-dots symbol in the upper-right corner)
  3. Check if there’s an option called “Driver”
    Note: Remember that you need to let the app load completely so all these menus become available

If this option doesn’t appear there, it means it is not using a Driver. Also, this menu is where you can change which driver is controlling the device.

Note: Remember that only compatible drivers can be selected. It means those that include the device’s fingerprint

To get more details about the device, you can install the CLI to get the devices list, get the details of each device (where you can see if it’s using a driver and its driver ID).

If you were manipulating the device through the IDE, it is best you reinstall it. Once you do, please let us know the results of the check-up listed above.

AFAIK, only certain device types are being migrated at the time, so “Z-Wave Switch Secure” might not be included, so selecting it won’t make a difference, that’s why we need more info to investigate more about the migration process for that specific device.

@Skates, I rather assumed that a DTH to Edge migration was based on the actual fingerprints of the devices and so, despite being fingerprinted in the Edge driver, your Inovelli Dimmer wouldn’t yet be eligible as it isn’t fingerprinted in the Z-Wave Switch Secure DTH it is using and that has been migrated.

Are you saying that your previous experience is that it just needs to be fingerprinted in the Edge driver and using one of the migrated stock DTHs even though not fingerprinted in that DTH?

@nayelyz as I did with the Jasco switches, the driver did not automatically convert to Edge. I was using a custom DTH and my only re-course to automatically convert to the Edge driver was to change the driver in the IDE to the generic Z-Wave switch driver. As soon as I did that, the Jasco switches were converted to the standard Z-Wave Switch Edge driver.

I have tried to do something similar with my Inovelli switches and its just not making the conversion even though the fingerprints are in the Edge driver that was migrated over.

That is where my question comes from…

That was my understanding, the switch is in the Edge driver fingerprints:


It was my understanding that once the migration switch was flipped for a Generic DTH, it would convert to an Edge driver if the fingerprints existed (were released). And that is what happened when I converted my Jasco’s to the stock DTH.

By chance, do you still have the Inovelli Dimmer DH loaded? If you do, you may need to remove it.

I did not, but I also did not for the Jasco switches. I remember converting them one at a time and didn’t delete the custom DTH until they were all converted.

Hi @Skates

These fingerprints, that I see, are still inactive in the production driver

#   - id: "Inovelli/Dimmer/Power/Energy"
#     deviceLabel: Inovelli Dimmer Switch
#     manufacturerId: 0x031E
#     productType: 0x0001
#     productId: 0x0001
#     deviceProfileName: inovelli-dimmer-power-energy

You are right, I was looking in the main channel and not the Production channel as the Migration file is in the main channel.

I assumed the Main channel was being used when the Migration was released. I guess I was wrong?

I think the ones in production are the ones that are automatically migrated.
I don’t know if @nayelyz can confirm

Somewhere it was confirmed that the DTH migration was actually using the beta channel. I remember being a bit surprised about this as it could mean a single device being migrated to Edge might enable a driver for dozens of devices.

So, the team mentioned that changing the DTH selected for the device won’t trigger the migration to Edge. Were the Inovelli switches you mentioned using the stock DTH (Z-Wave Switch) or a custom one?

Remember that, if they were using a custom one, they were not considered for auto-migration.
What you can do, now that the Z-Wave driver is installed in your hub is, re-install the devices.

Here’s the comment mentioned by @orangebucket:

The fingerprints in “production” are for the “newly added devices”. If, thanks to the migration, the driver in the beta was installed, new devices will use that driver (when compatible) instead of the default one.

My SmartSense Button didn’t convert to the edge Zigbee button