3 devices that use ZWave Motion Device Handler Auto switched to edge drivers on the 23rd

I have 3 old school Enerwave motion detectors that just work without any maintenance, no battery changes etc and reliably report motion.

2 of the three enerwave motion detectors switched to the edge drive on the 23rd.

I just realized this, that they were no longer communicating with the hub. I hit the reset button on them and now they are communicating again.

How did the 2 enerwave motion detectors change device type. Their creation time as listed in smartthings was 2015 and 2016.

Why is the 3rd still on the stock zwave motion handler and not the edge driver?

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You didn’t do another thing than reset those devices, right? This is for the team to check if there are still logs about that.
Is your email account in SmartThings the same one you use in this forum?

Are you enrolled in any hub beta programs, or have been in the past?

I am enrolled in the beta. Have not reset them in SmartThings. Email on forum is same as hub.


Since you’re in the hub beta you are getting converted to Edge for certain devices.

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Hello DavidK,

I am sorry that you experienced this, thank you for your communication. I have a few questions that I would like to ask. When you noticed that the 2 Enerwave motion detectors were not communicating with the hub, did you try to trip the motion sensors?

I will have to look at your account to tell you why specifically the last motion detectors did not migrate. Here are some common reasons:

  1. The device was backed by a non-smartthings owned DTH (more details coming soon).
  2. We aren’t ready to migrate that device to Lua yet, and haven’t attempted to migrate it.
  3. It should have migrated, and it didnt for some reason.
    I will look into that for you, do you have the fingerprints for that last device?

Thank you for your help,


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Maybe there is no issue, Initially I was thrown as I was expecting events in the graph website but I now understand that edge drivers will not show logs in the graph website.

I did sort the graph website by offline and at least one everwave showed as offline, which pushing the reset button on the enerwave fixed.

Not sure why only 2 of the 3 updated.

Is there a way to move the 3rd to the edge drivers without excluding and re-adding?

The three enerwave motion sensors should be identitcal hardware, but they were not purchased all at once, so not sure if there are hardware differences between them

In reviewing the devices and sorting by items that have or do not have the type of placeholder, it seems that some zwave switches went to edge and some remain as groovy zwave switch.

Any reason some are moved and some are not moved?

In looking at my email the most recent hub beta email is from May. Any reason my devices mirgrated 6/23, June?

Is there a place on the website to see all beta announcements, I think I remember that there used to be a hub beta area in the forum, but I am not seeing it now.

Hello Dave,

We are busy getting Lua Drivers ready for all SmartThings users. We are using this file to communicate fingerprints that belong to DTHs that will be Migrated to Lua Drivers. Please note, we are migrating Hub Firmware Beta users to our Beta Channel, not the default join channel.

I have reported your migration issues to the development team, thanks again for your communication. I will follow up as soon as we know more.


Hey David K,

We ran into an issue when migrating Z-Wave devices on this last round. We are aware of the root cause and will reach out again when we re-attempt. Thank you for your communication. This explains why not all of your devices migrated.


Alissa Dornbos


Hello, so I have devices with the same issue, some migrated some not, and some had ghost Z wave devices in their route.

I have another post mentioning the eco link tilt which I cannot include properly.

Also, one of the enerwave zwave motion went offline again.

I removed and re-installed the battery and now is back up

are you certain they were Ghost z-wave devices? Since IDE is based on the legacy architecture for Groovy, devices using Edge Drivers will display as Unknown Device in routes. :slight_smile:

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Ahh, that’s cool to know.

Then there is no issue, I guess.

Have no idea how to verify that it is a ghost.

Since I get no errors during zwave repair can close out this issue.

Consider something like the ZigBee RGB Bulb DTH. If that has been migrated to the ZigBee Switch driver in the beta channel, doesn’t that mean the user now has an Edge driver installed that has gazillions of fingerprints beyond just the devices that used the ZigBee RGB Bulb DTH and other migrated DTHs?

If a driver is installed on a user’s hub and the driver supports multiple fingerprints (many do), then when a user goes to add a device that is also supported by that driver then the hub will not need to download an additional driver.

What I was getting at was that users might reasonably expect devices using a DTH to be migrated to an Edge driver that only supports the same devices the DTH does (plus any previously migrated ones). Like for like. Instead they are getting an Edge driver that potentially supports dozens and dozens of other devices that they aren’t anticipating and they may suddenly find that when they reinstall another of their existing devices it picks up an Edge driver they aren’t ready for yet.

It doesn’t bother me personally because I am running all the beta Edge drivers I can already, regardless of how broken they are.

Remember there’s a limit on drivers installed (50), if drivers were separated into the same “sections/categories” as the DTHs, then, we would need to install more to support all our devices.

Being in a Beta channel implies expecting this kind of change, if there’s a problem with the driver, users can contact us so the team can review it. (This kind of report helps us improve the drivers’ behavior)

I wasn’t in any way suggesting that should be done. Just pointing out that users may be somewhat cross to re-pair a device and suddenly find it using an Edge driver when the device is neither part of the migration, and nor have they installed said Edge driver themselves.

The users might not have been in a beta channel though.

Look at it another way. If it was suddenly announced that all the beta hub firmware group were getting their hubs enrolled in the beta channel and having all the beta drivers installed, you would probably expect a backlash. Well that is actually the path the migration is treading. To a lesser degree, yes, but it is the same path.

You just have to hope any affected users will be nice about it.

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